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Book a music video model from our list below. Book each for $250 for 5 hours.

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  • SoFlo Studio
  • Genesis


    Genesis is a tall, timeless beauty with a beautiful smile. Her classic look will fit well for any kind of music video, which puts her among some of our most versatile models for music video. Whether you are looking for models for video of a fun party, or something more serious and intimate, she will be able to deliver a winning performance.

    Genesis has long black hair which perfectly compliments her curvy body. Whether she’s smiling or serious, you can see the light in her eyes. Consider booking Genesis through our music video modeling agency the next time you are looking for music video models.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Fabiana


    If you are looking for rap video models that are flirty and fun, consider taking a look at Fabiana. She has a sexy Latina style that is complete with a sultry stare. Some music video dancers just cannot pull off the glamour of her appearance.

    She is more petite than some other models for music video, but she makes up for it with a big personality. She manages to stand out in every photo or video. You are sure to enjoy working with Fabiana no matter what your project entails, as she can achieve any kind of look you’re going for.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Naybeth


    With a name like Naybeth, you may expect this olive-skinned model to stand out as an exotic beauty against other rap video models. But her look is actually much more of a girl-next-door kind of glamour. She has big, brown eyes that pierce right into yours, and a healthy, curvy body.

    Naybeth would fit in perfectly with other hip hop models in a crazy party scene, or as the center of focus in a quieter video. No matter what kind of music video models you need, Naybeth is a beautiful woman who would be a great choice for your video.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Maryan


    If you’ve been looking for rap video models with an intense expression, look no further than Maryan. She is a gorgeous girl and her strong face is visually striking. She has lots of experience modeling swimwear, so she’s the perfect choice if you need music video dancers for a beach or boat scene.

    Anything Maryan stands next to looks even nicer and more fancy, because she radiates a glamorous atmosphere. She would make a great addition to any kind of music video. Make sure to consider her the next time you’re filming a video that you want to stand out.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Fatima


    What raging party scene would be complete without a curvy Latina with a beautiful smile? Fatima is one of our hip hop models that perfectly fits the part. No matter what style you’re going for it will look perfect on her. She holds her head with poise in fancier outfits and puts on a strong face in a grungier setting.

    You’ll be able to get whatever vibe you need out of this versatile model which our music video modeling agency represents. Contact us today to inquire about booking this talented model along with any of our other models for video.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Virginia


    Virginia has a look and style that truly stands out from other music video models. Her bold stare and rich pout give her a high-end appearance. This is complimented by legs that go on forever. Unlike some other models for video, Virginia is also comfortable with partial nudity. Her strong work ethic and experience is evident in her work.

    If you are looking for hip hop models that have a gorgeous smile and elegant expression, you’ll find what you need in Virginia. Whatever your vision is, Virginia can help fulfill the part. She’s a talented model that gives her all at every shoot.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Naomi


    Naomi is an experienced and professional model that our music video modeling agency represents. She can hold her own with other music video dancers of all styles. This slim figured model is strong and athletic, so you’ll be sure to get an energetic performance from her.

    There’s a timeless beauty in Naomi’s look and style. She has a great smile, a fun attitude, and a positive work ethic. Whatever your vision entails for your next music video, Naomi will be able to help you bring it to life with her extensive skills in dance and modeling.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Julie


    Julie is one of our music video dancers with a fun attitude who always has great energy and style. She is more on the petite side with striking features like her big, beautiful eyes. She can be tough, or show her softer side, like many of our other music video models.

    If you are looking for models for video of any kind, you probably want someone who’s attractive and can help make your vision a reality. Julie looks great no matter how she’s dressed and has an effortless looking beauty. Make sure to consider her for your next music video shoot.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Vanessa


    Vanessa is one of our most athletic hip hop models. Her strong body looks great from any angle, and she looks great in any swim or active wear. Her smile shines even brighter, and she always has a great attitude.

    You will find it easy to work with Vanessa and all our models for music video because of her level of experience and commitment. This model packs a powerful punch because she always puts on her best performance. If you want to book Vanessa or any of our models for your next music video shoot, they will not disappoint you.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Ceecee


    Ceecee is one of our most mature models. She has a fun attitude and a sexy face. Compared to other models currently available for booking, she has the talent and experience to portray any attitude you want. Whether your video is more serious, or if it has a sillier vibe, she’ll be the perfect addition to your cast.

    She has a serious look that is captivating. Ceecee is curvy with long black hair and a high level of professionalism. It will be easy and enjoyable to work with her, or any of our rap video models with her level of experience.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Mirelle


    Mirelle is a fun model with a bright smile. Her look is truly unique, with her blonde that is super curly. She would make a good addition to any kind of music video because she is skilled in portraying both soft and hard styles. She is in great shape and her body is obviously strong. If you’re looking for music video dancers that are energetic and entertaining, then she could be a perfect fit.

    Contact us and our music video modeling agency will send you booking details for Mirelle and any of our other music video models.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Julia


    If you’re looking for a tall, skinny, and gorgeous woman to be the center of your music video, make sure to consider Julia. She has a lot of experience and can give you any kind of emotion you are asking for. She has big, beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile, just like any classic beauty would.

    Julia looks great no matter what she’s wearing or how she’s posing. She’s very comfortable in swimwear or any other cute outfit that shows off her amazing body. This athletic model’s versatility sets her apart from other models for video. She is truly one-of-a-kind.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Marjorie


    Like many of our other rap video models, Marjorie has lots of experience modeling swimwear and is comfortable in most settings. This young woman’s beauty shines through no matter what she’s wearing or what expression she’s giving. Her huge eyes help enhance her flirty look.

    Marjorie’s look will fit in perfect with any other models for music video, or she would be perfect for a featured role. Unlike some other hip hop models, she has versatility that will make her a great fit for any kind of character. Contact us to learn more about why she’s a great choice for your video.

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    SoFlo Studio
  • Gabriella


    Gabriella is a beautiful Latina woman with a tight body and a pretty face. She has a classic beauty that will never get old, and it will make your music video immediately seem timeless. Even though she has a soft face, she has a bold attitude. Whether you need her to be tough or relaxed, she will be able to deliver whatever you ask of her.

    Our music video modeling agency represents all kinds of beautiful models such as Gabriella. Like all of our models for music video, she has good experience and puts her best effort into every shoot.

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    SoFlo Studio

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