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This Studio Rental Agreement with the attached Exhibit A "General Terms and Conditions" attached hereto

(Collectively referred to as the "Agreement"), dated as of {{ shoot-date }} , for the rental and use of

the photo studios ("Photo Studios") at the property managed by M3 NYC Corp. located at 102222 NW 50 th Street, Sunrise Florida, 33351, (" ") is entered into by and between the M3 NYC Corp and

{{ first-name }} {{ last-name }} ("Producer"). (Sets shall hereinafter be referred to as the "Studio" or "Studios") I n consideration of the mutual covenants and promises contained herein and for other good and valuable consideration (the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged), the parties hereto agree as follows :

  • Use of Studio : M3 NYC Corp hereby grants to Producer the exclusive right during the Term (as defined below) to enter upon and to utilize the Studio and to bring onto the Studio such personnel and equipment as Company deems necessary in connection with the production of the Program (as such term is defined below). Per the terms of this Agreement Producer shall have the right to enter upon the Studio (with personnel, materials, vehicles, and equipment), erect and store (additional charges may apply for storage beyond the Term, as defined below) such equipment and materials, conduct activities upon and photograph and record at the Studio (including, without limitation, to photograph and record both the real and personal property, all of the signs, displays, interiors, exteriors, and the like appearing therein, if any) for the period ("Term") specified below.

  • Rental Information. The parties hereto agree and acknowledge the following:

    • a. Type of Production: {{ type-of-production }}

      b. Studio Operating Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. only.

      c. Rental Items desired (additional fee will apply unless otherwise noted):

      If additional rental equipment is required see the attached Rental Agreement. Any item or service not identified hereinabove is excluded from rental under this Agreement.

      d. Number of personnel at the {{ num-of-people }} Studio

      e. Number of vehicles at the {{ num-of-vehicles }} Studio

      f. Will there be stunts or hazardous activity? {{ will-be-stunts }}

      g. Is the production insured? {{ is-insured }}

      h. Will you be bringing alcoholic beverages to the Studio? {{ will-be-alcohol }}

      i. The term of this Agreement shall commence and end on the following dates and times (collectively "Term") unless modified in writing by the parties: Dated {{ shoot-date }} at {{ arrival-time }}

      j. Producer agrees and acknowledges that the Studio can only be rented in four (4) hour increments with the following minimum applicable time periods:

      • Photo Studios A and B, require minimum bookings of at least four (4) hours. (This includes set-up and clean up time.)

      • k. Rental Rates and Fees. The Producer(s) agree to pay the following rental rates and fees:

        • The hourly rental rate is: $100

        • Total rental hours are: {{ num-of-hours }}

        • After Business Hours rental rate ("After Hours Rental Hours Rental Rate") is double the rental rate stated above.(v) The After Hours Rental Rate shall apply to any Term that commences, extends, lasts or ends in the After Business Hours.

        • Each deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

      l. Reservation Deposit (50% of Total Rental Amount Due) A reservation deposit is required in advance to reserve the Studio. The reservation deposit is 50% of the rental rate and is non-refundable and non-transferable payable at the time of making the reservation.

      m. Security Deposit. $200 The security deposit is a separate amount payable no later than two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of the Term. It will be returned to the Producer following the final walk-through at the end of the Term. The M3 NYC Corp will determine if there is any excessive clean-up or damage done to the property as a result of the Producer's use of the Studio and, if necessary, the security deposit will be applied towards any needed repairs. Each deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

      n. Balance Due On Arrival Final payment for remaining balance is due on arrival.



      n. Cleaning and Repair Fees. Additional charges beyond the Security Deposit may be assessed for actual or estimated repair or cleaning costs to restore Studio, grounds, equipment or other property to the same condition prior to Producer(s) use of the Studio and M3 NYC Corp's property.

      o. Overage Fees. Subject to the express prior written approval and at the M3 NYC Corp's sole discretion, use of the Studio beyond the Term may be granted at the rate of $125.00 per hour. Each additional hour is billed as a whole hour regardless of actual minutes used. After Business Hours Rate shall apply to any extensions of the Term during the After Business Hours.

      p. OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW. By executing this Agreement the undersigned parties warrant and represent they have had an opportunity to review, including being presented with a copy of Exhibit A "General Terms and Conditions" and after such review or opportunity to review have read and fully understood all terms and conditions pertaining to this Agreement. Any adjustments, reviews or incorporations of client contract or this contract will cost a starting fee of $250.

      q. MISCELLANEOUS. To the extent that any provision of this Agreement conflicts with any statute, law, regulation the latter shall prevail; provided, however, that in such event the provision(s) of this Agreement so affected shall be curtailed and limited only to the extent necessary to permit compliance with the minimum requirements thereof. This Agreement expresses the entire understanding of the parties hereto and replaces any and all former agreements, negotiations or understandings, written or oral, relating to the subject matter hereof. Paragraph headings are for the convenience of the parties only and shall have no legal effect whatsoever. This Agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts, each of which shall be an original, but all of which together shall constitute one and the same instrument. A counterpart signature page of this Agreement executed by a party and sent by facsimile or transmitted electronically in either Tagged Image Format Files (TIFF) or Portable Document Format (PDF) shall be treated as an original, fully binding and with full legal force and effect, and the parties waive any rights they may have to object to such treatment. The Agreement is not effective until each party has executed at least one counterpart.

  • IN WITNESS WHEREOF , the parties hereto, intending to be legally bound, have caused this Agreement Along with the attached General Terms and Conditions to be duly executed as of the day and year first written above.


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Exhibit “A”

General Standard Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions to the Studio Rental Agreement dated {{ shoot-date }} (“Agreement”) between M3 NYC Corp. (“M3 NYC Corp”) and {{ first-name }} {{ last-name }} (“Producer”) are hereby incorporated by this reference in the Agreement.  Capitalized terms otherwise not defined herein shall have the meanings associated with them in the Agreement.

  1. Condition of Studio:  The Studio(s) are provided “as is and with all faults” with the user accepting all defects, if any; and the provider makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to the Studio.  

    Producer agrees to leave the Studio in the same condition as when received by M3 NYC Corp. Promptly following the expiration of the Term and, if applicable, promptly upon the completion of any additional use by Producer of the Studio, Producer shall remove from the Studio all structures, equipment and other materials placed thereon by Producer.

  2. Cancellations. All cancellations must be made by email or in writing and delivered to M3 NYC Corp at least fifteen

(15) Calendar days prior to the commencement of the Term. IF CANCELLATION OCCURS BEFORE 72 HOURS





SPACE SHALL BE OFFERED TO THE PRODUCER.  Producer(s) recognize that the foregoing cancellation policy is not intended to be punitive, but, reflect M3 NYC Corp foregoing actual or potential business opportunities in reserving the Studio for Producer(s) and diminished ability to rent the Studio within fifteen (15) days or less prior to an event date.

  1. Force Mejeure Event. The Term shall be subject to modification due to acts of God, war, riots, or extreme inclement weather conditions (collectively “Force Mejeure Event”).  If a Force Majeure event continues for longer than two (2) days or if the Studio is thereafter deemed uninhabitable, this Agreement shall terminate and the parties shall have no further obligation hereunder.   Notwithstanding the foregoing, Producer shall receive credit for the amounts paid and M3 NYC Corp shall use its reasonable commercial efforts to accommodate the Producer at a rescheduled time.

  2. Payments. All payments due herein shall be made using cash, cashier’s check, or on-line payment. For credit card payments, please see the attached form.

  3. Insurance. Proof of liability insurance is required and due 72 hours prior to the commencement of the Term.  Producer shall provide to M3 NYC Corp the certificate of insurance and endorsement with the M3 NYC Corp named as an additional insured. Producer shall email the certificate of insurance and endorsement to info@M3 NYC  Producer is responsible for providing a Certificate of Insurance and endorsement at the following minimum levels:

a) Commercial Liability Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate; and,

b) Naming “M3 NYC Corp” as additional insured is also required.

Producer assumes full responsibility and liability for any and all damages to the Studio and surrounding site.

  1. Indemnity.   Producer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the M3 NYC Corp, its officers, staff and agents working on its behalf, from any and all claims, actions, suits, costs, damages, and liabilities resulting from the breach of this Agreement, the negligent actions, willful misconduct or omissions of Producer, and Producer’s guests, invitees, agents and sub-contractors.  Producer agrees to indemnify and hold M3 NYC Corp harmless from damage to the Studio and property located thereon and for personal injury occurring on the Studio during the Term and from any liability and loss incurred as a direct result of Producer’s activities on the Studio in connection with the Program.  Neither the M3 NYC Corp nor its agents shall be liable for, and Producer agrees to defend and hold M3 NYC Corp, and its agents harmless from, any claim, action and/or judgment for damages to property or injury to persons suffered or alleged to be suffered on the Studio by any person, firm or corporation.  The parties have specifically negotiated and mutually agreed upon the provisions of this paragraph.

  2. General Terms and Conditions.   The “Terms and Conditions” as attached hereto as Exhibit “A” are incorporated herein to include additional terms and conditions to this Agreement.

  3. Severability. In the event any one or more of the provisions, or portions of provisions, of this Agreement shall be deemed by any legal authority to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions, or portions of provisions contained herein shall not be in any way affected or impaired thereby.

  4. Modification. No alteration or other modification of this Agreement shall be effective unless such modification shall be in writing and signed by both parties.

  5. Security.  M3 NYC Corp, at its sole discretion, may mandate that during the Term additional security personnel are assigned to the Studio, which may involve additional fees over and above your facility rental fee.

  6. Clean Up.  Producer shall be responsible for returning the Studio to the state that it was provided to them. All property belonging to Producer, Producer’s invitees, guests, agents and sub-contractors, shall be removed by the end of the Term. All property remaining on the Studio beyond the end of the rental agreement will be charged at the prevailing hourly rate. Should Producer need special consideration for the removal of property beyond the rental period, this can be arranged prior to the beginning of the event for an additional fee. M3 NYC Corp is not responsible for any property left behind by Producer, Producer’s guests, invitees, agents and sub-contractors. Producer is responsible for any and all damages to the Studio and the surrounding site.

  7. Billing Credit. Any billing credit and/or any identification of the Studio for M3 NYC Corp by the Producer shall be subject the prior written approval of M3 NYC Corp. But in no event shall said identification/billing credit be beyond that which is reasonably related to the content of the Program.

  8. Assignment.   M3 NYC Corp shall have the right to freely assign this Agreement and/or any of M3 NYC Corp’s rights hereunder to any person, affiliate, firm or corporation.   Producer shall not have the right to freely assign this Agreement and/or any of Producer’s rights hereunder to any person, firm or corporation without the express prior written approval of the M3 NYC Corp.

  9. Remedies.  If M3 NYC Corp fails to comply with any of its obligations under this Agreement, Producer’s rights and remedies shall be limited to the right, if any, to obtain damages at law, and Producer will not have any right in such event to terminate or rescind this Agreement or any of the rights granted to M3 NYC Corp hereunder (or to enjoin or restrain any development, preproduction, production, advertising, promotion, distribution, exhibition or exploitation of any of M3 NYC Corp’s productions or activities and/or any of M3 NYC Corp’s rights pursuant to this Agreement.

    The remedies herein provided are cumulative and the exercise of one shall not preclude the exercise of any others. No waiver by either party hereto of any failure by the other party to keep or perform any covenant or condition of this Agreement shall be deemed a waiver of any preceding, succeeding or continuing breach of the same, or any other covenant or condition. Producer acknowledges that M3 NYC Corp shall be entitled to seek injunctive and/or other equitable relief to prevent a breach of this Agreement by M3 NYC Corp, which relief shall be in addition to any other rights or remedies that M3 NYC Corp may have, whether for damages or otherwise.

  10. Dispute Resolution; Governing Law; Forum:  Any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement will be resolved by binding arbitration under the IFTA Rules of International Arbitration in effect at the time the notice of arbitration is filed. The prevailing party in any arbitration or other legal proceeding brought pursuant hereto shall be entitled to recover all of its attorney’s fees and expenses actually incurred.  This Agreement shall be covered by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of

     Rules as aforesaid will be held in the Broward County, Florida.  The parties will abide by any decision in the arbitration and any court having jurisdiction may enforce it.  The parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in the Forum to compel arbitration or to confirm an arbitration award.  The parties agree to accept service of process in accordance with the IFTA Rules.

  11. Further Assurances.  The parties hereto agree to execute and deliver such further documents and instruments as shall be required to effectuate the purposes of this Agreement. If Producer fails to deliver such additional documents within ten (10) days after a request therefor by M3 NYC Corp, Producer irrevocably appoints M3 NYC Corp as M3 NYC Corp’s attorney-in-fact, such appointment being a power coupled with an interest, for purposes of executing such additional documents on Producer’s behalf.

    Stipulations and Rules of Conduct:  By reserving and renting this Studio, the Producer agrees to these stipulations and rules of conduct:

  • As a Producer, I am only receiving a license for the agreed upon Studio space which may be limited to the rental time that has been reserved and paid for. The M3 NYC Corp may restrict your access to the Studio for any reason immediately before and after your rental time has started and expired.

  • I must not act in a manner that, in the M3 NYC Corp's sole discretion, does or is likely to adversely affect the peaceful operation of the Studio.

  • I will not use the Studio for illegal purposes or in any manner that could tarnish the reputation of the Studio Provider or their Studio.

  • I will not tamper with, borrow, or remove any property kept on the Studio.

  • I will not cause or permit any hazardous substance to be used, stored, generated, released or disposed of on or in the Studio.

  • I understand that I must maintain my rental area and the common areas of the Studio in a neat, clean, and in a sanitary condition.

  • I will be held solely responsible for the agreed upon rental area, including any common areas. I will be held accountable for any injury or damages sustained during the duration of the rental and occupancy on the Studio.

  • I will be held liable for any guest, invitee, or visitor actions on the Studio.

  • Any signs, symbols, or other objects displayed on the Studio must be approved by the M3 NYC Corp, and must be removed immediately following the duration the reservation.

  • I will not have more than 12 people in Studio B.  I will not have more than 20 people in Studios A.

  • I understand that no minors are allowed in the Studio without the supervision of their legal guardian.

  • I understand that no animals are allowed in the Studio without the prior written consent of M3 NYC Corp.

  • I understand that M3 NYC Corp reserves the right to remove persons who are engaging in disruptive, unprofessional, or illegal behavior and/or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or substances.

  • I understand that the use of adhesive tapes such as but not limited to duct tape and gaffer tape on any wall is prohibited.

  • I understand that there shall be no access to the fire escapes or filming/shooting on or from the fire escapes.

  • I understand that there will be no fog, smoke, combustible, incendiary devices or paraphernalia on the roof.

  • I understand that all filming, photographing or recording of other persons at M3 NYC Corp is strictly prohibited.  

  • I understand that I shall only be allowed to film, photograph or record in the Studio space that I rented. I understand that I may not film, photograph or record in the common areas, outside of the building, the employees of the M3 NYC Corp, other clients or anything other than the Studio space that I rented.  I will not disclose the names or identities of other clients of the M3 NYC Corp or celebrities that may be present at M3 NYC Corp to any third parties unless required by law.  

  • I understand that I shall only be allowed to store any equipment, gear, and props in the rented Studio.    I understand that I shall not store or leave any equipment, gear, and props in the common areas.  

  • I understand that the use of the following items is not allowed: CHALK, GLITTER, SAND, WATER, ANIMALS, CEMENT, CONFETTI, SMOKE FOG MACHINE, SMOKE, ALCOHOL, SEX, MARIJUANA, AND ANY DRUGS.

  • I understand that PROSTITUTION, PORN, GAMBLING, EXOTIC ANIMALS and any other illegal activities are strictly prohibited at the Studio.  Notwithstanding the forgoing, subject to the prior express written approval of the M3 NYC Corp exotic animals may be permitted.

  • I understand that M3 NYC Corp does not operate any parking structures and is responsible and/or liable for any theft of my property left in my vehicle or for any vehicles that are locked in after a parking attendant has left or the parking is closed.