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This form needs to be filled out with specifics so that we can ensure we have all the details of your shoot correct and sets prepped at the times you require. We schedule set builds / availability on these details so please be sure they are accurate and clear. These details will ensure the shoot will go smoothly, efficiently and on budget!

Which studio sets do you want to book and when?

This is only required if you're booking the studio.

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Which LED lighting setups do you want to book and when?

This is only required if you're booking a lighting setup.

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Which models, at what times and where?

This is required if you're booking models.

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Which off-studio locations do you want to book and when?

Required if you're booking any of these locations.

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What equipment do you need to rent?

Required if you're renting any of our equipment.

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Which props do you want to rent?

Required if you're renting any props from us.

What crew do you want to book?

Required if you're booking any crew with us.

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Which vehicle(s) do you want to rent?

Required if you're booking any vehicles from us.

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