Motion Controlled Robotic Camera in South Florida

Robotic Camera Arm Rental in Miami

Bring your production to the next level with the unparalleled precision & versatility of a robotic camera arm! We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the shots you thought were impossible.

A robotic camera arm rental gives you the precision and versatility that you need, no matter how big or small the shoot. If it’s high speed, precision and repeatable moves you need then explore our robots, which are the fastest cameras in the world today.  For the longest, steadiest reach a robotic camera arm is unsurpassed in the film industry. We know from experience as a video production company ourselves that having these beastly machines can drastically improve every shot.

On a location shoot inside a house or mansion, a fully assembled Cinebot camera rental on a track can lift the camera up to 3.4 metres and yet still duck through a standard doorway with room to spare. The adaptable  rig allows you to mix and match 15 components to build up to 9 different motion control rigs.

Cinebot Rental Rates
Cinebot Shoot Day$2500
Cinebot Programming Prep Day$1500
Operator (10h)$1000
Operator Prep Day (10h)$600
Assistant (10h)$500
Assistant Prep Day (10h)$300
Shipping Round trip (up to 100km)$500 - $900
Track is not currently available. Arm reach is 18ft from side to side. Any additional equipment required on location ie fork lift not included

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Robotic Camera Rental in Miami

These robotic camera arms allow you to extend your camera crew’s capabilities greatly using cameras you already have.

From a standstill to full high-speed motion and back to a complete stop in fractions of a second, captures the fastest action with absolute precision. Capable of horizontal and vertical movement speeds of up to 2 metres per second, and a 180-degrees of rotation in a 1 second, the motion controlled camera arm can keep up with almost anything.

To add another dimension of movement for the robotic camera rental, you can run the high speed camera robot on a track. Follow any object, person, or landscape to give much more flexibility in terms of visual creativity. Capable of speeds of up to 4.5 metres per second, execute any number of complex camera movements with pinpoint accuracy for new levels of dynamic high-speed tracking shots.

Our Cinebot rental comes with not only the equipment, but the expertise of our operators and programmers so that your project comes out looking exactly as your envisioned. A robotic camera arm rental could be what takes your production in Miami to the next level.

Cinebot Specifications
Cinebot Payload30 Kg
Cinebot Reach2.4 meters from center - 4 meters linear from left to right
Cinebot Speed4 meters per second
Pose Repeatability 0.06 millimeters
Weight1700 Kg
Camera Mount1/4-20 & 3/8 Top, side and front mounting options
Power Requirements (Using Transformer Cart)208V 3PH 80A Cam Lock
Power Requirements (Without Transformer)480V 3PH 30A NEMA L16-30 Plug

You can also put the robotic camera rental on a track, so you can have another dimension of movement. This versatile robot gives the operator the ability to follow any object, person or landscape, giving much more flexibility to hers/his visual creativity. Furthermore, with Flair software you can program acceleration profiles to reach and maintain desired speeds in a very accurate way.

The track sections in which the robot is mounted must be fixed into a solid base because of the robot’s harsh acceleration and deceleration.

Industry Standard Software


Designed to give exceptional command over camera movement, Flair precisely controls up to 500 axes of motion and interfaces seamlessly with CGI packages. Flair is the tool that makes your vision reality.

Our expert programmers will work with you every step of the way so that the Cinebot camera arm gets exactly the shots you’re looking for.

Motion Control Robotic Arm Rental


Synchronized motion with external triggers and model movers for extreme precision timing gives this robotic camera rental in Fort Lauderdale a new dimension of production quality.

Portable, lightweight Cinebot rental, designed to be set-up and ready for shooting in under an hour. Trigger from timecode. Control DMX Lighting. Create incredible timelapse with dynamic movement and feel.

Every camera move under complete control – precisely repeatable. Define location of your object in space, to simplify any complex move.

High speed, precise control of zoom, iris & lens. Fastest & most powerful motors in the world. Take moves planned in Maya and feed them into the robot – or interface to augmented or virtual reality in real-time.

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