Motion Graphics Company In Miami

When you have to market a service that doesn’t look flashy, motion graphics are the way to go. Instead of showing off video of someone typing away at a keyboard as they work, motion graphics artists and motion graphics designers can communicate services, tone and abstract ideas in engaging ways. SoFlo Studios is a motion graphics company in Miami that can help communicate these abstract ideas so you can market complex services that need more than a picture of a product.

A motion graphics company offers up the use of motion graphics designers and motion graphics artists to help sell complex ideas, abstract ideas, or services that are not immediately communicated with simple images. Let’s say you have an app that doles out information about the exhibits on display in museums within a user-defined search radius. Communicating this through a set of props would be needlessly complex, if not outright impossible. But a motion graphics designer can create the necessary “map” for a motion graphics artist to use to create an explanation for your users that is attractive, easy to understand, and still communicates exactly how information and feedback flows through your app. This is exactly the kind of service a motion graphics company provides.

These services are especially applicable to branding. Many companies don’t have a product to use as the face of their brand – and even those that do choose to instead let motion graphics communicate exactly what kind of company they are. SoFlo Studios can help you tell the world about who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Our motion graphics designers can help create the blueprint your brand requires. This is more than just color, shapes and sound – this is about tone, and how you present yourself to others and how they see you and your brand as a result. Our motion graphics artists then take that blueprint and use it to create the perfect video to serve as the face of you and your company.

We do not outsource. Our motion graphics designers are in Miami! Get in contact with our helpful staff at SoFlo Studios, and we’ll show you why we’re the best motion graphics company in Miami & Fort Lauderdale.

Video Visual Effects Service Miami

Video visual effects are the fastest way to get audiences to see things in ways they never could before. Do more than get the attention of anyone watching – keep it. SoFlo Studios is a video effects company in Fort Lauderdale that can help you get people’s attention, and we can help you keep it too. Our studio offers a variety of services that will make your video footage pop, including 3D animation services, 3D visual effects services, 2D animation services and 2D visual effects services.

3D Animation Services in Miami

If you need 3D animation services in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, we can help. 3D visual effects services can include things as simple as 3D text, and can be as complicated as fully textured 3D models. If you need to show off a high resolution model, we can help with it. Do you need to have rigging attached to the model to show points of articulation? Or do you instead need a concept design that can show off a physical product you make or intend to make? That’s what we’re here for. All of this and more falls underneath the wide umbrella of 3D visual effects services. Plus, we can take rigged or textured models and animate them as part of our suite of 3D animation services. Show how a device moves, folds, unfolds, and expands in real time with high quality animations. Never leave anything to the theater of the mind if you could instead show it off in real time to an audience or a client!

2D Animation Services in Miami

SoFlo Studios also offers 2D visual effects services and 2D animation services in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. 2D effects are often thought of to be simply overlaying text over an image, but they can be more complex than that, and can include arraying information and graphics over video to help augment the content being presented or can provide attractive background effects for menus, information panes, and more. This is especially true when you factor in our 2D animation services, which are excellent for animated flair to video footage, apps and more. Animations can range from cartoons acting as avatars for the user to special flat effects to make interaction with an app more engaging and responsive. Animations are also an excellent way of illustrating information, and contextualizing video footage through things like graphs.

If you need video visual effects, 3D or 2D animation services in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, get in contact with SoFlo Studios, and we’ll show you why we’re the best video effects company that you’ll ever use.

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