Filming Locations in Miami

We have multiple filming locations available to choose from in south Florida. Whether you’re shooting a music video, short film, movie, or a commercial for your product, we have affordable filming locations to choose from for any type of budget.

Are you looking for film locations for rent in south Florida? Whether your budget is large or small we can help you find a film shoot location that fits your needs. These affordable filming locations are perfect for short projects when you don’t have much filming to do. But we can also help you if you’re working on a larger project and are in need of multiple locations. Our filming locations range in size and style, and there are a large variety of settings we can accommodate. Most locations are near Miami or Fort Lauderdale. If you’re needing a more intimate environment, such as for a short film, television show, or commercial, a mansion filming location to rent may be what you’re looking for. We have many different locations with varying levels of luxury, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. If you are working on a more detailed project such as a movie or TV drama, you may need multiple kinds of shoot locations. We also have a restaurant for filming that can double as a nightclub for video shoots or photo shoots. If you’re looking for a courtroom filming location to rent, we have a variety of those as well. Any of our luxury filming locations for rent, such as our prestige cars filming location, the nightclub, or any of the mansions are perfect houses for filming for music videos. You’ll get the perfect backdrop and resources for a professional video that is sure to wow your fans. Whatever your project needs, we’ve got a location that will perfectly fit the bill. You’ll be able to find something with just the right look that’s also affordable and accessible. Contact us today to discuss the details of your project and we’ll help you find the perfect rentals to make your dreams a reality.

Mansion Filming Location

We have many film locations to rent throughout south Florida. We have mansions in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, a Restaurant and Nightclub location in Hollywood, and courtroom film locations and an exotic auto showroom film location in Broward county.

We have several mansions for video shoots in south Florida for you to choose from no matter what your budget is or preference. Each film shoot location is clean and furnished, and you’ll be able to adjust things as you need.

There is a range in luxury amongst our house filming locations for rent. You’ll be able to find something smaller and more intimate for instance if you are looking for houses for commercials. We also have locations with larger and grander spaces, which are great mansions for filming for music videos.

Any of our mansion film locations for rent are also perfect for photoshoots. There are so many beautiful and unique details and amazing views that could create great backgrounds and scenery. Your models will easily be able to feed off the luxurious vibes of each stunning home.

We recommend you take some time to browse through all of our fantastic mansions for video shoots. You are sure to find one that perfectly fits your needs. It is our goal to help you create an extraordinary product, so we encourage you to discuss the unique details of your project with us, and we’ll help you with anything we can.

If you’re looking for a nightclub filming location for video shoots, you’ll find that this location fits the bill. You’ll love the glamorous décor and bright colorful lights. There’s a large dance space which is perfect for any kind of party or nightclub scene, and it’s a perfect nightclub for filming for music videos. You’ll be able to portray a raging party in your video while working with a professional staff behind the scenes.

Our restaurant filming location for rent is classy and spacious. The restaurant space is decorated with many tables and chairs which can accommodate a large cast. The design of the space is elegant, so any date night scene will come off as romantic and intimate. It’s also an excellent restaurant for commercials.

You can also use the restaurant for photoshoots. Because of the bright lights and large space, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot in the restaurant to capture your vision. Whether you’re shooting the food, the diners, or the staff, the stylish restaurant is a beautiful backdrop for any kind of photoshoot. You’ll easily be able to shoot high quality photos for any kind of project.

With such a large and versatile space, there is a lot for you to work with at this film shoot location. You can experiment with different camera angles, lighting, and décor. You can make the space as low-key or luxurious as you want. The choice is up to you. If you ever need restaurant or nightclub film locations for rent, make sure to keep this one on your list.

Whether you are looking for a restaurant for video shoots or a nightclub for photo shoots, our location is fully equipped for any level of luxury. You can use this film shoot location as a nightclub for filming for music videos or shoot an intimate restaurant scene for a television show or movie.

Any crime drama, cop show, or short film involving the legal system is inevitably going to have a courtroom scene. It’s a vital piece of the criminal justice system, and therefore a crucial part of any criminal justice show or film. We have multiple courtroom locations available in any style or look that you are going for. Some have a more modern and sleeker design. But others are older, more classic buildings. They have impressive exteriors that would be a beautiful addition to any film.

In many shows and movies, the courtroom scene is the climax of the entire story. This is because tensions run high, confessions are made, and sentencing is given. It’s important to direct this scene well to portray all of the emotions effectively. The first step is setting the scene, your courtroom must create the right atmosphere for the entire trial.

Whether you have a small cast or large, we’re sure you’ll find one of our courtroom filming locations will fit your needs. You will have an enjoyable experience shooting professional-quality video at any of these locations. Contact us today to discuss your unique vision, and we can help you choose which of our film locations for rent near Fort Lauderdale will best fit your needs. If your film or show requires multiple courtrooms, we can discuss filming at multiple locations.

This filming location in Ft. Lauderdale can be set up in a variety of ways and can serve the purpose of several layouts and rooms. Whether your video production needs to have an event space such as a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate meeting, this is another location in which this can be done day or night.

Exotic auto showrooms are unique and sought-after filming locations. More and more people are finding luxury cars to be alluring and impressive, so using them as your backdrop can add to your appeal as an artist. You could be looking for an exotic auto showroom filming location for a variety of reasons, such as a commercial, music video, or photo shoot. Luxury cars are interesting and beautiful, so they add an element of class to any video or photo you shoot.

The showroom space is brightly lit and large with plenty of space for your cast and crew. There are several unique and intriguing vehicles which you can utilize for amazing photo or video shooting locations. This showroom is high-end, so anything you shoot will be luxurious and flashy. You’ll be able to create an impressive product, which will ultimately help you to advance your career.

This luxury cars filming location near Miami has a remarkable amount of variety which makes this rental a great value. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity! Contact us today to schedule a tour of the film shoot location, so you can see exactly what you’ll have to work with. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

tropical garden filming location
jungle filming location in miami

This tropical jungle filming location features many different scenes that can be used for your video production.If you need multiple outdoor scenes for your video shoot or photoshoot, this is the perfect filming location for your project. This location features a luxurious airstream trailer, a nice pool that’s perfect for pool parties, and a fancy tree house. This jungle filming location also has a forest-like landscape suitable for a jungle, tropical forest, tropical garden, and amazon nature themed scenes. Perfect photoshoot location for swimsuit modeling, outdoor filming, and more!

Need a film location for a haunted house or rundown property? This film location in Miami has multiple old houses and run down property to use for both photo shoots and video shoots. This filming location has naturally old interiors and exteriors equipped with running water and electricity. Perfect your photo or film shoot with scenery that only an old, rundown property can fulfill. Contact us for pricing.

prison in ft lauderdale
prison in broward

This Prison Facility is located in Broward County, Florida and is perfect for video shots needing more than just a prison cell. This facility has a cafeteria, a courtyard, hallways, bathrooms, showers, jail phones and more!

Warehouse Filming Location
Warehouse Filming Location

Warehouse film location in Miami. This is perfect if you need to film any scene requiring a warehouse space. Whether you need a loading dock scene, a fight scene, or just need a warehouse for a music video, this filming location meets your basic warehouse scene’s needs.

1 ton grip truck
rent a grip truck in Miami

We deliver to either one of our locations or one of your own locations in south Florida. Check out our 1 ton grip van rental package. We have all the equipment required for both photo shoots and video productions.Rent our 1 ton grip van to use anywhere in south Florida today.

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