Event Lighting & Uplighting Rental In Miami

Event Lighting & Uplighting Rental in Miami

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Looking for an affordable event lighting company? Look no further!

Our professional staff at SoFlo Studio is ready to help you find the perfect set of lights and uplights to make your venue stand apart from the crowd. We have everything you need to bring venues to life: corporate events, parties, concerts, weddings – anything at all that needs custom lighting for events is fair game with our AV Production Services! Our professional event lighting company is conveniently located in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area for all of your event lighting rental needs as part of it’s AV Production Services.

Event Lighting & Uplighting Rental In Miami
Event Lighting & Uplighting Rental In Miami

Take advantage of the power of custom lighting for events to enhance the mood of your event. Completely change how guests see your venue with lighting fixtures designed to help accentuate architecture, focus attention on centerpieces or seating areas, and enhance the appeal of the room. Do you need a quiet ambiance? We’re the party lighting company that can get you that ambiance. Or do you need something loud and flashy? Consider it done. SoFlo is capable of providing you with custom event lighting design to bring any venue to life with out AV production services.

Soflo Studio has all your lighting & uplighting needs. Whatever your needs are, we’re ready to help you get exactly the kind of quality lighting you need to make sure your event is exactly how you pictured it would be. Have the lights dim right when you need them to, or focus on specific locations for grand entrances. Our services include ensuring your venue has the kind of custom event lighting design it deserves.

State-Of-The-Art lighting equipment & lighting technology. We blend classic studio lighting techniques with state of the art lighting technology to transform any venue with a custom event lighting design that is sure to look and feel like a designer experience for you and your guests, and we do it for less, all of which makes Soflo Studio one of the best AV production companies in Miami! For any of your custom lighting for events, go for the best custom event lighting company you can get for AV production, go for SoFlo! If you need affordable wedding lighting, SoFlo is also here to help.

Event Lighting & Uplighting Rental In Miami
party lighting company in miami

SoFlo Studio is a professional event lighting company and video production studio that specializes in providing affordable, eye-catching lighting solutions to suit your needs. If you need a party lighting company, you’ve come to the right place. Anyone that drives past will know exactly where the party’s at, and you’ll dazzle any guest that walks into your venue. We are a party lighting company dedicated to providing outstanding service and are ready to tackle your lighting installation needs as part of our commitment to being one of South Florida’s best AV production companies.

Affordable Custom Lighting in Miami
Above all else, SoFlo Studio is devoted to being an affordable event lighting company, so we always strive to give you the best price for your custom lighting for events. Don’t break the bank with other expensive rental locations, we can do it all and for less! Contact us and find out why our party lighting company is the best event lighting company in Miami you’ll ever use!

Event Lighting, Uplighting Rental & Uplights In Miami
Event Lighting, Uplighting Rental & Uplights In Miami

SoFlo Studio is more than just a party lighting company – we also take pride in offering affordable wedding lighting services, to keep you from spending more on your big bash than you need to. It’s what makes us the best wedding lighting company you’ll ever use. Consult with us about our custom wedding lighting rental options to light up your venue exactly the way you want to – custom event lighting design is our passion and we want to share it with you. Everyone wants the absolute best they can get for their wedding, so use the best event lighting company in Fort Lauderdale. Also consider taking a look at our other affordable wedding lighting services, including video projection mapping for weddings, designed to transform the walls of an entire venue.

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is stressful, so why leave yourself that headache when you could instead use the best wedding lighting company around? SoFlo Studio is the professional event lighting company you need to make your life easier, with affordable wedding lighting solutions and video projection mapping for weddings. If you’re in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area, let the best wedding lighting company help make your wedding memorable, and have your reception be an event that will be remembered for years to come with fully custom wedding lighting as part of our AV production services. Our range of services are sure to fill all of your wedding’s lighting needs, especially our affordable wedding uplighting.

SoFlo Studio provides affordable wedding uplighting in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Get the right light and the right colors in all the right places and see why we’re the best event lighting company. Our wedding uplighting services are affordable and will make wherever they’re placed really pop and work hand in hand with our custom wedding lighting. Get the focus you need on your cake table, dance floor and any floral display instantly with eye-catching, affordable wedding uplighting with our av production services.

SoFlo Studio is committed to making your special day one to remember, and being the best wedding lighting company and most affordable event lighting company in Miami you’ll ever use.


3D Video Projection Mapping in Miami
3D Video Projection Mapping in Miami

3D Video projection mapping for weddings (also known simply as video mapping for weddings) goes one step beyond monogram projection, turning entire wedding venues into magical arrays of textures and videos and really elevates your event’s AV production value. SoFlo Studio is a professional event lighting company that uses the best equipment to line your walls with intricate designs or full video and state of the art av production services. Turn walls and architecture into beautiful designs or heartwarming video, all with a service designed to make your wedding unforgettable. SoFlo is an affordable event lighting company in Fort Lauderdale that specializes in video mapping for weddings, and we’re ready to provide you the best possible service for the best possible wedding using our AV production services.

If you need video projection mapping for weddings or affordable wedding uplighting, give SoFlo Studio a call. The best event lighting company you’ll ever use is convenient to the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas and we are waiting to hear how we can help make your very special day the best it can be with custom wedding lighting.

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