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    Rent Pin Spot Lights in Miami

    LED pinspot lights are modern marvels of PAR lighting, they’re compact, light-weight and produce surprisingly bright narrow beams of light. With one of these precision PAR lighting tools, it’s possible to spotlight someone in a crowd from dozens of feet away. On most higher-end models, users can control the focus, width, angle and color of the beams. Some of the more expensive LED pinspot lights with variable beam sizes can even be used as RGB wash lights. Fortunately, we here at SoFlo studios are delighted to offer a variety of pinspot light rentals in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Pinspot light rentals are typically complicated and costly. We’ve made these exquisite LED pinspot lights affordable and very easy to attain.

    Battery power, waterproof casing, DMX support, wireless control, RGB wash light capability and compact form factor are features available in many of our LED pinspot lights. We’ve got all the precision PAR lighting gear you’ll need to spotlight or accent special individuals at your weddings and events. Our team of talented experts will help you select whichever specific type of LED pinspot light or RGB wash light you need, we’ll also set up and light your events for an affordable fee. Whether you’re looking to rent LED pinspot lights in Miami or find an affordable and experienced lighting crew for hire, we’ve got you covered. Rent LED pinspot lights from SoFlo studio today!

    What is a Pin Spot Light?

    A pin spot light is a type of stage light that produces a very narrow beam of light. It is typically used to highlight specific objects or areas on stage. Pin spot lights are often used in conjunction with gobos, which are metal plates with patterns or images that are projected onto the stage.

    Available Pin Spot Light Rentals in Miami - SoFlo Studio

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