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If you are looking for a mansion filming location in South Florida near Fort Lauderdale and Miami, we have several fantastic options available. Ranging in size and style, you will surely find a mansion location for film and music videos that is perfect for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable rates and book a tour of the space you are interested in. We will help you find the mansion rental for a video shoot that is right for you and your project.

mansion filming location in miami
Mansion Film Location in Homestead
Price: $1,500
If you’re looking for a mansion location for film with an impressive entry, this property is an excellent choice! As soon as you pull up you can see how beautiful and extravagant the home is. Everything inside and out is elegantly detailed, impeccably designed, and spacious. The pool and patio area are also large and accommodating with many fun details. Any character in a movie or tv show who is a symbol of high status will fit in perfectly in this home. There are many rooms and it is very versatile. Contact us to take a tour so you can plan how to perfectly utilize this great mansion location.
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mansion filming location for a music video in miami
Affordable Mansion Filming Location
Price: $1,000
The deluxe elements of this space make it a great choice for your penthouse filming location. There is lots of light, so each shot will be bright and beautiful. It is important to remember that it’s not just the space that matters, but how your pictures and video of the space portray an air of elegance. That’s exactly what this mansion rental for a film shoot does. The pool is large and in a fun boxy shape, with a patio right on the water. It could be the perfect mansion rental for a music video if you’re thinking about using a pool for one or more scenes in your video. There is also a cabana right on the water which can help provide the perfect summer vibe. There’s nothing quite as luxurious as a right-on-the-water property in beautiful south Florida. That’s the reason many filmmakers like to shoot video in scenic Miami and Fort Lauderdale.
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mansion filming location
Mansion Film Location Rental in Ft. Lauderdale
Price: $2,000
This is another exceptional mansion rental in fort lauderdale with amazing views right on the water. Like many other mansions, it has a large driveway which can accommodate many vehicles, and a fountain. The interior is decorated with elegant décor and furniture. This location features many rooms with very different styles, so you can use this luxury house for filming a variety of scenes. You could also use this location for one or more photoshoots, as there are so many interesting rooms for backdrops. You’ll find that this affordable mansion rental is an amazing value for any kind of project you may be shooting.
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mansion rental for filming a music video
Mansion Rental for Music Video Productions
Price: $1,500
This gated property near Miami and Fort Lauderdale is impressive from the moment you drive up and has many unique spaces throughout the house. Each room has luxurious details which create a fun and carefree atmosphere overall. It would be a great mansion location for film of any genre and your actors will feel relaxed and be able to perform their best here. It’s perfect for a drama or anything with a serious theme. The elegant home is also a great mansion photoshoot location. There are many ideal spots for shooting serene and surreal video and images. This affordable mansion rental in south Florida provides lots of variety so you’ll be able to truly be creative in the space.
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luxury mansion rental for a photoshoot
Mansion rental for a Photoshoot
Price: $1,500
The versatile outdoor space at this location makes it a great mansion rental for a photoshoot centered on swimwear, sunglasses, or other summer style and accessories. Lots of palm trees and landscaping provide privacy in the large space. You’ll have everything you could possibly need at this location to shoot high quality photos or videos. The interior of the house is cozy but luxurious, with expensive details. Every room and exterior element are cohesive in creating an elegant space for any kind of project, which also makes this a great mansion location for film. From the driveway to the back of the property, you will be impressed with each unique detail.
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mansion rental for a film shoot in fort lauderdale
Mansion For Film Production
Price: $1,400
This large space could prove to be the perfect mansion rental for a music video or other short film projects. It contains stylish décor that doesn’t distract but instead supports and elevates the action happening in the open room. Even though there is a lot of furniture (multiple couches and chairs, a coffee table and various end tables, and a bed) the room still feels very large and open, which is great for shooting any kind of scene. This mansion filming location has tall ceilings and tons of natural light, which makes the atmosphere bright and cheerful. You can also utilize the high ceilings and open floor plan to find creative camera angles and movements. There is also a loft space with a bed for more intimate scenes. If you think creatively, there are so many different things you can do to utilize the unique space at this low-cost luxury house film location.
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mansion rental for a music video in miami
Mansion rental for a Music Video in Miami
Price: $1,500
Soak up the south Florida sun at this beautiful mansion rental for a photoshoot or film near Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The outdoor space is accommodating for any kind of project, with a large pool, grass lawn, and dock area on the water. The interior is decorated with fun art and design elements. The place has a great vibe which will put you in a good mood and it will be easy to get a good shot. There is a large lounge and party room with lots of light all throughout. The entire home has a warm atmosphere which creates visually stunning results. It’s a perfect location for filming extravagant party scenes or any photoshoot or project with a modern, upscale look.
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mansion filming location in fort lauderdale
Mansion Location for Film
Price: $1,500
This is the perfect mansion photoshoot location if you are looking for something with lots of light and amazing outdoor space. It has a uniquely exotic feel with a large deck and lots of palm trees. You’ll be able to find several great backdrops for fun pictures or video. Inside, the open floor plan feels very spacious. You’ll enjoy a large, modern kitchen, and you’ll be able to find many beautiful, interesting places to shoot photos or film. Everything at this stunning mansion, from the landscaping to the interior design, screams luxury. It’s the perfect atmosphere to get the best results for your project.
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miami beach mansion for music video
Miami Beach Mansion For Music Videos
Price: $3,000
This beautiful mansion is located right on Miami beach. You can film on the beach as well as in the mansion on the same day. The mansion features marble floors, lots of furniture, a pool, a home theater, and an elevator.Use this mansion for your music video location to get the best scenery all in one spot.
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luxurious mansion film location
Mansion Location in Miami for Video Production
Price: $3,500
There are so many luxurious details that you don’t want to miss at this affordable mansion rental. It’s perfect for any kind of project, whether it’s a music video or a film or television show. This spacious house is a perfect mansion for filming music videos because there is a lot of space to move around. Every room is large and bright, with lots of light throughout. You will easily be able to shoot quality video any time of day. The home features modern architecture and style. Large windows reveal gorgeous ocean views. You’ll have many places to choose from to shoot high quality photos or video.
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mansion rental for a film shoot
Mansion Rental For A Film Shoot
Price: $3,000
This beautiful mansion is located right on Miami’s beautiful intercoastal waterway. If you’re looking to get all the rich Miami life scenes into your video production shoot, then this is the film location for you. There’s a luscious pool and and high quality furniture included to use. Everything in this mansion location for video production shoots is high end and classy.
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