Virtual Video Production Company in Miami

Virtual Video Production Company in Miami

An Affordable Virtual Production Company

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Virtual Production Planning

Virtual Production Company
Virtual Video Production Company in Miami

SoFlo Studios is Miami’s first virtual video production company using Zero Density! Using the power of computer graphics and supermassive LED screens, we’re bringing the latest, revolutionary change to sets and set design to Florida. We offer cutting edge virtual production services, giving you access to the magic of extended reality (XR), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) film shooting all with Zero Density. Access to professional virtual production service is just a few clicks away. Our team of specialists is set to help you with any aspect of the content creation process, and double as expert consultants if you have any questions concerning this powerful new way to shoot video.

Extended Reality (XR)
Bridge the gap between the digital and physical with the latest developments in technology through XR. Extended reality is rapidly becoming a staple offering from virtual production studios elsewhere, and SoFlo is no exception. XR video feeds help mix together the real (actors and physical props) with the digital (objects, backdrops, etc.) using Zero Density.

Augmented Reality (AR)
Augmented reality experiences are part of our suite of virtual production services, and allow actors to interface with objects and backdrops generated on the LED wall. No virtual production company lacks AR offerings, and SoFlo is no exception when using Zero Density.

Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual reality is rapidly losing the air it once carried of being science fiction. Through the use of headsets and handheld interfacing controllers, VR allows digital scapes to be directly interacted and helps bring the human element into scenes that otherwise would be impossible to place a real person into using Zero Density. View over 50+ Virtual Sets here.

Contact SoFlo Studios today for more information on scheduling and prices, and let this virtual production company help you get started on your next big project in Miami & Fort Lauderdale!

Cutting Edge Tech at Affordable Rates

Virtual Production Company in Miami
Virtual Production Company in Miami

A staple of virtual video production stages, our Cinebot robotic camera arm lends unerring precision and inhuman speed to your shoot. Capture everything with incredibly precise movements that flesh and bone simply can’t manage, across the entire length of our LED wall. Shift your view from two and a half feet off the ground to almost a dozen feet in the air in seconds without shaking the camera. Zoom in and out, pan left and right and run along an entire track in one continuous motion. Robotic camera arms add incredible precision to any shoot and raise the quality of footage several bars, giving your professional quality camera work without all of the cost you’d expect using Zero Density.

Real Time Final Output

Virtual Production Company in Miami
Virtual Production Company in Miami

Our LED wall is connected to dedicated servers responsible for performing real time final output. This means that changes in scenery, events and effects are all rendered nearly instantaneously. Part of the magic behind virtual production services, after all, is being able to look completely real. As a virtual production studio, we put heavy focus on ensuring that issues with rendering and display of complex geometry and backdrops are minimized, meaning you shoot less and toss less footage. And SoFlo is a virtual production company knows saving you time and money is going to be on the forefront of your mind when using Zero density.

Corporate Virtual Production Sets

Below is just a small selection of the wide range of corporate virtual environments our virtual production studio has available:

Music Video Virtual Production Sets

Below is just a small selection of the wide range of creative virtual environments our virtual production studio has available:

Our Virtual Production Sets

If you’re still not convinced of the power behind this virtual production studio and the quality of our virtual production services, take a look at our previous work and testimonials from our previous clients. We’re confident they’ll make us your number one choice for virtual production companies in Miami & Fort Lauderdale using Zero Density.

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