Motion Capture Studio in Miami

Motion Capture Studio in Miami

Our Motion Capture Studio in Miami & Fort Lauderdale is perfect for a variety of projects such as video games, movies and music videos. Contact us for more info about our Full-Service Video Virtual Production Company and Mocap services.

Motion Capture Studio for Rent in Miami

Finding a great affordable motion capture studio in Miami or Fort Lauderdale for your virtual production can be a very daunting and confusing task. You’ve got to consider if the space is big enough for full performance motion capture, if the studio offers mocap suit rentals and can provide some VFX services. You also, of course, have to factor in the rental cost and how it impacts your budget. Fortunately, we here at SoFlo Studios have an exceptional motion capture studio available to rent and highly skilled experts on hand to assist you throughout your production. We offer a slew of motion capture animation and VFX services at very competitive prices.

Conveniently located near Fort Lauderdale, our spacious and professionally designed motion capture studio can accommodate a variety of different sized productions. We use the latest high quality gear and software from our industry trusted brand partners; Xsens, Rokoko, Black Magic Design and Epic Games to name a few. With our impressive camera array and Epic’s Unreal Engine software we can provide you with Hollywood caliber 3D Motion Capture Service. In addition to full performance motion capture, we also offer mocap data processing and cleanup, character modeling and rigging and even 3D Character Animation Service.

Full Performance Motion Capture Services in Miami

Motion Capture Studio in Miami, Fort Lauderdale & South Florida. Mocap, VFX Services

When it comes to 3D Character Animation Services, every little detail matters for your virtual production. The human body has so many points of articulation, many of which need to be included for convincing realistic 3D Animation. For the longest time, professional quality 3d motion capture service required huge budgets and teams of specialists. Thanks to recent advancements in mocap technology from our brand partner, Rokoko, affordable full performance motion capture and 3D character animation service is now attainable in Miami. With full performance motion capture we can track bodies, fingers and even faces with pinpoint accuracy. What previously took hundreds of hours of laborious digital crafting from animators is now achievable in milliseconds. From the slightest gesture or look to the most abrupt twirl, we can capture every fluid detail.

Mocap Suit Rental. Suits that don’t restrict your movement!

Full Performance Motion Capture Services in Miami

At Soflo Studio, a Mocap Animation Company, we let you choose from our Mocap Suit Rental options available. We’ll provide you with comfortable and flexible mocap suits that don’t restrict your movement and will allow you to perform flawlessly in our spacious motion capture studio. Our menagerie of cutting edge Rokoko software, full performance capture suits and several high quality Black Magic cameras means buttery smooth mocap for your virtual production. Whether you need precise motion data for an epic super hero brawl, highly choreographed dance number or an emotional conversation between alien creatures, we’re the VFX company for you with expert 3D Character Animation Services.

Mocap Data Process and Clean Up Services

Mocap data process and clean up is the very vital yet time consuming and complex last step in motion capturing. Raw motion data files typically contain noise, jitters, gaps and other artifacts that can seriously mar animation quality and must be very meticulously edited out. It takes a powerful PC to smoothly and quickly edit captured motion data. We’re a highly capable Mocap Animation Company with the gear, expertise and experience to reliably process and clean up your mocap data. We have a thorough multi-step editing system. First, we use cutting edge software to denoise, trim, cut, blend, loop and retarget the motion data artfully. Then, we convert the data and export it into whichever format, frame rate, resolution and size suits your needs.

Instead of painstakingly scrubbing through the motion data and fixing it yourself or settling for some other, more expensive Miami VFX company, let us help you. Cleaning up and processing your captured motion data is too crucial of a step for you to leave to chance, we implore you to use our stellar VFX service. Delivering exceptional 3D Motion Capture Service is something we really pride ourselves on as an expert Mocap Animation Company, we’d love to put the finishing touches on your Mocap animation.

Mocap Data Process and Clean Up Services - Motion Capture Studio in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, South Florida
Mocap Data Process and Clean Up Services - Motion Capture Studio in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, South Florida

Character Modeling & Rigging Service Available in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Character modeling and rigging is a crucial part of our 3D Motion Capture Service. Creating digital bodies and skeletons isn’t just our bread and butter, it’s a ton of fun for us. Using the highly capable and widely adopted graphics software tool, Unreal Engine, our talented VFX service team can do some very impressive things. With the MetaHuman plugin in particular, our VFX service experts can artfully and swiftly turn your actors into myriad super detailed humanoid characters and creatures in countless art styles. By combining the latest mocap suits with our wealth of expertise, we can make very accurate and detailed body rigging for tracking and animating your virtual characters.

Thanks to recent major advances in mocap technology, we can also now sync Unreal Engine with Rokoko to provide much more detailed avatars for real-time previews. You no longer have to rely on just your imagination and stick figures on a screen. We can replace your mocap stick figures with your custom MetaHuman character model, no matter the detail level or stylization choices. With our next level 3D motion capture previewing, you’ll have the added clarity to understand how your virtual production scenes are going, better direct performances and make cinematography changes.

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