Camera Crane & Jib Rental in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

Camera Crane & Jib Rental in Miami & Fort Lauderdale

SoFlo Studio provides affordable camera crane rentals and jib rentals in miami & Fort Lauderdale.

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Camera Crane Rental in Miami

A camera crane is generally used for cinematography purposes, allowing one to film and shoot their content from multiple heights and angles. The camera crane works similar to a seesaw, where the shooting device (usually a camera) is placed at one end of the crane, and a similar weight object is placed at the other end, allowing you to control the height and angle of the crane? Looking for a camera crane rental in Miami? Then you’ve come to just the right place. In need of a camera? View All Camera Rentals here.

Scorpio 23 Camera Crane

Scorpio 23 Camera Crane Rental-1

The Scorpio 23 Camera Crane is the best example of a camera crane and luckily for you, we offer camera rental Miami services to all inhabitants of this city. With 23 inches in length, The Scorpio 23 Camera Crane introduced an entire series of telescopic camera cranes. These cranes were built in mind for producers who would prefer to add soft and efficient camera movements in the content that they are shooting, all while being completely stable and professional enough to capture shots from various angles. View All Camera Rentals here.

The key to a good camera crane is motion control, and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting from the Scorpio 23 Camera Crane. Its arms are manufactured out of aluminium extrusion, allow it to be more uniformed and rigid, and provide stability to the camera as well.

Yet another feature that further adds to the stability of this professional camera crane is the two lateral cables, which can be used to move the crane to any angle or position. The cables can be adjusted according to the user’s wishes, and how stable they would like their shooting equipment to be.

It is also an extra step taken to ensure the safety of your camera while you’re busy shooting. The Scorpio 23’s arms also have wheels at the bottom and the top, to make sure that it is completely steady while you’re filming your shots.

What really makes these cranes stand out is their arm and dolly size. The arms of this camera crane can go up to 31.5 inches wide if we adjust its wheels. Video production, movie shootings, advertisement shootings, they can all be done in a sophisticated and professional manner with the help of our camera crane rental Miami services.

Technical Specifications of Scorpio 23 Camera Crane

Maximum length of crane:23 inches
Minimum length of crane:5 inches
Crane arm back length:6 inches
Telescopic range:18 inches
Maximum optical axis height:21 inches
Telescopic column maximum extension:1 inch
Loading capacity in under-slung position:154lbs
Loading capacity in over-slung position:99lbs
Power Required:110V/16A
Output Power for the Remote Head:30V/ 20A
Output Power for the monitor:12V/ 3A

Features of Scorpio 23 Camera Crane:

  •   Automatically compensates for the arc created by arm movement in both horizontal and vertical directions.
  •   Restrictions on the arm’s telescopic mobility can be programmed.
  •   The speed of the arm can be adjusted and displayed on the screen.
  •   The damping of the arms stop can be adjusted and displayed
  •   Capability in both overslung and under-slung positions.
  •   The arm range, vertical and horizontal angles are displayed on the screen, along with the height to the optic axis. The height will be displayed in both meters, and feet for readability purposes.
  •   Stop sequences can be programmed by the users.
  •   For Motion Capture projects, the tilt, pan, and arm encoders are present.
  •   Both fast and slow movements are smooth and stable.
  •   A noise reduction system is present to lower the number of sounds the telescopic arm might make during movements.

Techno 24 Telescoping Jib Rental

Techno 24 Telescoping Jib1

A telescoping jib is yet another operator that can be used for cinematography and videography projects. The difference between a camera crane, and a telescoping jib crane is the fact that a telescoping jib crane has a scissor-like arm that can be extended outwards. This allows you to position your camera wherever you need it to be. This obviously goes without saying, but the arm can also be retracted back once you’re done using it.

So if you’re in search of a place that offers jib rental Miami services to its locals, you’re in luck. We present to you one of the finest jib rental Miami has seen: the Techno 24 Telescoping Crane. This nifty tool has since revolutionized the way videos are shot and has set a benchmark in the jib technology market.

Shots that might be seen as too technically challenging can now be done in an efficient and professional manner with the help of this jib crane. Termed as a one-man operator, the Techno jib crane has the ability to control camera movement all on its own. What’s best about this crane is that it has a feather-soft touch movement, making sure that the camera is completely stable as the arms extend inwards and outwards for specific angle shots.

The control system of this crane is coupled with a telescopic dolly and a remote head, allowing the operator to work with ease. This versatile tool has the ability to steadily and smoothly move in any direction, allowing you to capture shots that might have been seen as too impossible to capture. View All Camera Rentals here.

Features of Tecno 24 Telescoping Jib

Maximum Height of the crane25 ft
Maximum Reach of the crane24 ft
Minimum Reach of the crane9 ft
Minimum Total Arm Length15.5 ft
Maximum Speed of the crane (Telescopic movement)5 feet per second
Maximum Load the crane can handle45 lbs
Arm Weight430 lbs

Feel free to check out the Scorpio 23 camera crane and the Techno 24 telescoping jib if you’re interested in a device that shoots professional and stable shots in a smooth and efficient manner. View All Camera Rentals here.

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