Audio Equipment Rentals In Miami

Audio Equipment Rentals In Miami

SoFlo Studios is Fort Lauderdale’s first choice in audio equipment rentals – if your event or venue needs audio equipment, setup and takedown, look no further. SoFlo carries a huge stock of audio equipment to meet your needs, and it makes us the go-to choice for audio equipment rentals in Miami. Small events or large events, the experienced staff at our company can help you pick out the right audio equipment to suit your needs, from microphone rental to complete sound system rental packages.

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Audio Equipment Rentals in Miami

Whether you’re planning a large event where you’ll need audio visual equipment rental gear or if you’re just looking to improve your audio in your car or home, Soflo Studio has you covered. We provide top quality audio equipment rentals including microphones, stages, mixing boards, generators, powered speakers, passive speakers, portable PA systems, and subwoofers in Miami & Fort Lauderdale.

Find out what audio equipment we have and let us know when you need it – contact Soflo Studio today!

Powered Speaker Rental in South Florida

Powered speakers are very popular for events such as wedding receptions, corporate functions, festivals, house parties and beyond. Typically, powered speakers are used for music as well as speeches and announcements. Powered speakers differ from other types of speakers as they are self-powered with built-in amplifiers. This makes powered speakers ideal for these types of events as they are compact and simple to use and transport in Fort Lauderdale.

Another reason these speakers are so popular is because the amplifier(s) can be designed to closely match the requirements of the specific speaker it will be powering. Soflo Studio is your go-to company for all of your powered speaker rental needs as well as any additional audio visual equipment rentals needed to go along with your speaker rental in Miami. View All Audio Equipment Rentals.


DAS Line 18 Speakers


DAS Line Array Top


JBL PRX815W Speakers

Passive Speaker Rental in Ft Lauderdale

The major difference between a passive speaker and a powered (or active) speaker is the fact that a passive speaker does not have a built-in amplifier whereas a powered the speaker does. Passive speakers instead work by using an amplified signal which essentially means that they are connected to an amplifier through normal speaker wire in order to produce sound. Passive speakers can be used both residentially and commercially.

The vast majority of speakers are usually passive, because they do not require an external outlet for power which makes them easier to operate and use. Another use for passive speakers is to use them in line arrays. Line arrays are systems of typically identical loudspeakers that are mounted in a line, either vertically or horizontally.

Line arrays are often used at large concerts or festivals in order to amplify the sound across large arenas, amphitheaters, and other places that draw large audiences making them linchpins in any sound system rental. Soflo Studio supplies passive speaker rentals with all necessary accessories including microphones, mixing boards and more as part of our audio visual equipment rentals. View All Audio Equipment Rentals.

Portable PA System Rental in Miami

A PA system  rental refers to an electronic system that is typically comprised of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and other similar systems. PA system specifically stands for

“Public Address System” which is used to amplify a voice, instrument, music, or any other sounds is an important part of any sound system rental. A portable PA system includes a microphone, speaker and amplifier in one box so that you don’t have to travel with separate audio equipment. Renting a portable PA system is affordable and is a great way to add a level of fun to events, tailgates, parties etc. Additionally PA systems add a touch of professionalism to corporate gatherings, work events, school events, and more. At Soflo Studio we can take care of all of your PA system needs, while providing excellent customer service for all of our audio visual equipment rentals. View All Audio Equipment Rentals.


Portable PA System Kit


PA Kit with Mixer


Speakers only PA System

Subwoofer Rental in Miami

If you aren’t familiar with subwoofers, they are loudspeakers that are specifically designed to amplify and reproduce low-audio frequencies known as bass. Bass refers to the lower sound range of pieces of audio. Subwoofers are very popular amongst events such as parties and wedding receptions due to the fact that they make the music more powerful by boosting the bass making the sound system rental very important. Subwoofers are most commonly used for home audio, car audio, cinema sound, and sound reinforcement. Soflo Studio provides subwoofer rentals on their own or in packages with other audio visual gear such as microphones, speakers, etc. View All Audio Equipment Rentals.


JBL PRX815XLF Subwoofer


Dual 18 Subwoofers


DAS Event Subwoofer

Microphone Rentals in Miami

Microphones are necessary for all types of events, including but not limited to wedding receptions, corporate events, concerts, and really any large gathering where announcements need to be amplified making a microphone rental critical. At Soflo Studio we offer a variety of microphones for various uses. Based upon your audio needs, we can provide the best microphone rental for you. View All Audio Equipment Rentals.

Types of microphone rental include:

Dynamic Microphones
These can be used to capture loud sounds, usually in a live environment, such as vocals or drums.

Condenser Microphones
These can be used to amplify quieter and softer sounds such as vocal recordings in a studio rather than in a live format.

Wireless Microphones
These microphones are fairly self-descriptive as they are wireless which allows for easy use while moving.

Ribbon Microphones
These are great for recording up close for vocals or even podcasting.

Video Production Microphones: these microphones are specifically good for video production because they are not handheld but instead used to pick up vocals and other sounds from overhead or off to the side




SHURE SM58 Microphone


Wireless Microphone

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