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SoFlo Studio is the only full service film, video and AV production company in Miami that now offers custom set design, scenic design, and stage design in Miami. In addition to our complete film and video production, and special event lighting services, SoFlo Studio offers complete affordable film set fabrication in Miami, custom set design, set decoration, custom built props, and green screen installation and cyc wall builders featuring all the latest materials and technology.
Check out our photo gallery for some examples of our scenic design work. From film set design to finished film set construction to television sets or commercial sets, our seasoned and highly skilled film set designers, film scenery builders, consultants, set carpenters, set dressers, prop makers and set decorators will work closely with you to transform your creative concept and vision from mere imagination to living reality. Our set designer, set builder, stage designer and scenic designer in Miami can update or revitalize your existing film, television studio and commercial sets, but if you prefer, one of our consultants can also design and fabricate an entirely new scenic design from the ground up, to your exact standards. Our commitment to quality and our years of experience servicing the Miam/Ft. Lauderdale area and all cities in South Florida is our personal guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our input on your project. Custom film set fabrication is our specialty, and we pride ourselves on being the best and most affordable AV production companies doing custom set design, film scenery designers, and set construction company in Miami.
Speak to one of our film set fabrication specialists to discuss all of your movie set construction needs. Whether you have unlimited resources or are working with the low budget of an independent filmmaker, SoFlo Studio has the right affordable solution for you. Find out more about what we can do for you by calling one of our set construction and film set designers today.

Until a few years ago, the limitations of technology and the laws of physics restricted film set fabrication, film set design, film scenery design designers, set construction and the ability of set decorators to create whatever could be rendered by set builders in the physical world. The film epics of yesterday called for movie set construction to be done on a massive and extremely expensive scale to realize the vision of the studio bosses, the director and the other creatives. Studios built entire full scale cities of plaster, cement, wood and paint by hand on the acres of land on their backlots, and the set carpenters, set decorators, prop designers, and prop builders would work with the set designer to redesign and rebuild the same sets over and over again to become whatever vision the film scenery designer and the film production called for. As miraculous a job as these armies of people did, and as much amazing and beautiful art resulted from their epic labors, very little of that kind of physical film set fabrication is necessary today. In fact, most of the backlots belonging to the major film studios are no longer used as much for filming as they are for visitor tours. Set design and set construction in Miami has come a very long way since the golden age of Hollywood. Modern computer technology along with the incorporation of such advancements as the green screen and cyclorama walls (aka infinity walls or seamless walls) can literally become any thing or any world that can be envisioned by the storyteller. Today, the only limit that exists for film set designers, set builders and film set fabricators is the limit of the imagination. Mind-blowing special effects and amazing worlds both real and imagined can now be created on green screen and cyc walls using computer-aided visual technology.

Most of your favorite movies or television shows produced in the past few years, especially those with a science fiction, fantasy, comic book superhero, horror, or historical theme, have relied heavily upon the use of the green screen, the cyc wall or both, and you have undoubtedly been awestruck at what incredible visual creations are possible with the use of this incredible technology. Now, you can add an element of that awesomeness to your own projects with the help of SoFlo Studio. Green screen and computer generated imagery (CGI) has become the standard for special effects creation and the workhorse of the film set fabrication, set design, and film set construction business, and SoFlo Studio can now offer our clients Hollywood level special effects and breathtaking visuals in the Ft. Lauderdale area with our own green screen and cyc wall builds as part of our AV production services. SoFlo Studio is a full service green screen contractor and cyc wall contractor and can do green screen installation in Miami and cyc wall installation in Miami of any size for any application. Our affordable green screen builder or cyc wall builder will custom fabricate whatever size seamless wall or green screen application you need for your project, and at the most competitive prices.

Our commitment to full service doesn’t end with offering the best film set construction in Miami and affordable green screen installations in Miami. SoFlo Studio also offers custom prop design, custom prop building, and is positioned to become the go to custom made props in the state of Florida. Our prop shop will work with you to create your movie or television props, custom event props, or custom event decorations. Ask one of our consultants how to add something unique to your upcoming special event. SoFlo also builds custom convention booths and stages for trade shows and other theme cons. Why drag your convention booth, convention stage and busted old folding tables and chairs across the country if your event or convention is scheduled for a stop in Florida? Let SoFlo Studio build your stage props, we have years of experience in prop design and prop making. There are time restrictions on custom convention booth builds and custom event decor, so be sure to contact us well in advance of your event to discuss your needs. Whether your film, television show, video production, training video, commercial, event, or custom convention booth is a large scale production or a smaller one, SoFlo Studio has film scenic designers, film scenery builders, green screen installers, cyc wall installers, and custom stage props, to fulfill any or all of your custom set design and scenic design needs, and at a price you can afford. If you don’t think the phrase “good and cheap” actually exists in the real world, call us today and find out for yourself. Yes, we are a business, but we also love what we do, and we will work hard to give you exactly what you want at a great value. SoFlo Studio wants to be the only custom prop designer in Miami that you will ever need. Our team of prop designers, set decoration, and custom prop building professionals is dedicated to helping you take your creative vision from the idea stage to a stunning reality that not only meets, but surpasses all of your expectations. We only exist because of our customers, so become one of them today, and let’s be your prop maker for your scenic design today!


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