Black Magic Camera Rental Miami

Blackmagic URSA 12K Rental in Miami

As part of our ever evolving catalog of production services, SoFlo Studio now provides affordable Blackmagic URSA 12K Camera Rental in Miami & Fort Lauderdale. If your next project needs above 4K quality – don’t hesitate to reach out!

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BlackMagic Ursa 12K Camera Rental in Miami

When you need top of the line camera equipment or other high-end filming equipment, SoFlo Studio is the place to go. We stock tons of videography equipment and professional-grade cameras for use with any project you can dream of, including the incredible Blackmagic URSA 12K, a camera capable of capturing resolution at a mind boggling 12,288×6,480 pixels. Take video with unprecedented detail at 60fps and drop jaws in any room you show off what you’ve shot. If you need a camera that can put in work like no other, the URSA 12K can take anything you throw at it and more. Contact SoFlo Studio today for information on rental rates and duration, and ask our professional staff for more information on the rest of camera equipment and filming equipment in miami – let us get you what you need for your next big project in Miami & Fort Lauderdale!

Blackmagic Ursa Mini - Handheld Package

When you rent an URSA 12K camera from SoFlo Studio, it comes with all of the necessary equipment you need to keep it up and running, such as chargers and mounting adapters. If you find yourself needing more than just a camera though, get in touch with our staff about renting lenses, tripods, storage solutions and more in Miami & Fort Lauderdale. SoFlo Studio provides all of the camera equipment you need to get your project done, as well as tons of filming equipment to help you with set design, such as lighting fixtures. View All Camera Rentals here.

Handheld Package With Operator $1200

  • 1x Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 12K Body
  • Camera Operator
  • PRO 7″ LCD
  • 2x U.2 1.92TB Drives
  • 2x V Mount 190 Batteries
  • FREE! 25-50 & 50-125 Zoom Lens Kit ($250 VALUE)
  • 1x Red Rock Micro Focus Remote
  • 1x CamTree Top, Side, and Bottom Plate with Rail
  • Top Handle


Blackmagic Ursa 12k Camera Rental Specs

blackmagic 12k camera rental
blackmagic 12k camera rental

The URSA captures footage in true 12K using its Super 35 sensor, and outputs 12-bit RAW workflows to your workstation, allowing you to edit 12K resolution footage on something as portable as a laptop. Such incredible resolutions allows you to re-frame shots to 4K or 8K without a loss of quality and without any hiccups – plus, you don’t need to deal with the headache of shooting with multiple cameras if you need several resolutions: URSA can do it all. The output of the URSA is designed to allow incredibly flexible post-production work that is fast and efficient, meaning there’s less rote work for editors and production staff, and massively simplifying the post production process. Shoot in 12K at 60fps and maintain smooth motion rendering, smooth edges and clear video, and capture all of it while taking advantage of high bandwidth recording, allowing you to push video to up to two cards at once at up to a blistering 900 MB/s.

The URSA’s lightweight is also perfect for using for extended periods, helping to reduce fatigue from shooting, and the body of the camera itself is designed to give you access to every feature you could need without needing to dive into menus over and over again – just tap buttons on the camera itself. View All Camera Rentals here.

Cinema Robot + BlackMagic Ursa 12K Rental

LIMITED TIME OFFER: BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro 12K Free w/ Cinema Robot Rental

Soflo Studio’s robotic camera arm rental is an affordable way to get those tricky synchronized slow-mo shots whether for tabletop products or out on location in Miami. Our team of robot camera rental experts can help plan and build those shots at industry defying prices allowing you to focus on executing your vision rather than worrying about whether your budget can handle it. Along with your Cinema robot rental we also include a state of the art slow-motion capable RED or ARRI or Blackmagic 12K Camera rental. If your next project needs state of the art cinematography Click Here for more information on booking our robot camera rental. Want to see other optitons: View All Camera Rentals here.

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