ARRI Video Camera Rental in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale

ARRI ALEXA Mini Package

ARRI ALEXA Mini Package
  • ALEXA Mini Camera Body
  • ARRIRAW/ 4:3 OPENGATE / Anamorphic License
  • EF or PL Mount (w/ L-BUS lemo output)
  • Viewfinder w/ Cable
  • Sandisk 128gb CFast 2.0 cards (4x)
  • Sandisk 256GB CFast2.0 cards (2x)
  • Lexar TB2/USB3 CFast2.0 Card Reader
  • SmallHD Cine7 Monitor w/ ARRI Control
  • Full Tilta Cage/Handheld System
  • Wooden Camera A-Box Audio Interface (On Request)
  • Cartoni Tripod Head w/ legs (On Request)
  • Bright Tangerine Misft Mattebox (On Request)
  • Inovativ EVO 36 Cart (On Request)
  • Canon CN-E Primes - 14, 24, 50, 85mm & Canon 16-35 L
Lens Options
  • Cooke S4I Mini - 18, 25, 32, 50, 75, 100mm - +$300
  • Cooke Anamorphics 25, 65,100mm - +$700
  • SmallHD 702 Bright-7inch w/ Directors Cage
  • Atomos Sumo 19inch Monitor
GIMBAL Options
  • MoVi Pro w/TB 50 Upgrade or Ronin 2
  • ReadyRig GS w/ Pro arms or EasyRig Vario 5
Wireless Follow Focus
  • Tilta Nucleus M Wireless FF
Wireless System
  • Teradek 500 LT Transmitter/Receiver
  • Additional Receiver (On Request)

Are you a cinematographer or videographer looking to rent the ARRI video camera in south Florida for a photo shoot, music video, or video production for a wedding or corporate event at an inexpensive cost?

Well, then you have come to the right place for Miami camera rentals. With ARRI Alexa rentals in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, you can get a video camera rental for a music video or photo shoot for the best price so you get the best final product for your business or personal use.

With our extensive selection of Miami camera rentals available for all your various cinematography needs, including ARRI Alexa XT rentals, you can find video camera rentals for a music video whether you are a professional, or just shooting some quality work for a friend or company. As the best video camera rental in Fort Lauderdale, we will be able to get you the camera that you need for a price that you will love.

Located in South Florida, SoFlo Studio services all of the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas for businesses and local videographers and is the best place to go for Miami video camera rentals. As the best company to go to for video camera rental in Miami, you can find a wide selection of cameras. Whether you would like an ARRI Alexa rental or an ARRI SXT rental, you’re sure to find what you need with SoFlo Studio. We also provide ARRI Amira rentals and ARRI Alexa XT rentals.

The ARRI Alexa Mini Camera

The ARRI Alexa Mini comes with all the features that the Alexa XT model has, such as the ALEV III Sensor and the integrated ND filters. But, the Alexa Mini is much more compact in size and has a carbon fiber finish for durability, and a rugged look.

The compact size and durable body makes it perfect for rigs and any aerial work that you may need to do. With frame rates from 0.75 to 200 fps and the ability to record in ProRes on CFast 2.0 cards, you’ll be able to capture every moment. Additionally, you’ll be able to shoot with either RAW or anamorphic options, which will broaden your videographical horizons.

The smooth symmetrical shape allows videographers of all kinds to film in any direction, including upside down. This allows you to have amazing shots that you can’t get with any other camera. You’ll get a highly dynamic range and be able to capture all of the true colors of the area you’re trying to film.

This ARRI Alexa Mini rental model is easy to hold and comes with interchangeable lens mounts for better versatility that makes it a perfect compact and lightweight option to use for any kind of video production need that you have.

At SoFlo Studio, our packages offer the ARRI Alexa Mini rental camera for video production and give you everything you need to be included in order to take care of your gimbal rig or full commercial set. From the camera to the lenses, to all other specialty camera equipment, you can find it here in our extensive inventory.

If you don’t see it, then you can contact us and speak to someone about getting the equipment you need for your next job. Or, if you checked before and we didn’t have it, you can always double-check our new inventory to see if we have any new additions that you’ve been looking for.

Custom Packages

We also offer custom packages for those who need specific rigs for their project and want to speak with us about getting only what they need or more than what these packages offer. Prices may vary for these customized packages, but we can guarantee that with our low prices, you will be able to get all the video equipment you need for the best price in town.

With the best video camera rental in Miami, you can rent an ARRI camera for a video shoot, music, or video production of any kind. We will offer the best prices over our competitors and give you all the added extras that you need to put the finishing touches on your project. We even offer prop rentals, standing sets, a green screen, and more for those who are interested.  Looking for a custom set? We also build sets that will fit your production needs.

Whether you are looking to find the best camera rental in Miami just to check out your options, or you need to rent an ARRI camera in the Fort Lauderdale or Miami area to work on a specific video production for a special event, you can find everything that you need all in one place.

At SoFlo Studio, we can find the right ARRI Amira, ARRI SXT, ARRI Alexa, or ARRI Alexa Mini camera rental package for you so you can get started on your cinematography work today!

The ARRI Alexa Camera - Coming Soon

The ARRI Alexa XT Camera brought many cutting-edge and unique features to the Alexa family of cameras, and paved the way for the Alex Mini. Some of these features include the internal ND filter, integrated CDL system, a Super 35 sensor with Open Gate, and more.These features combine to create a comprehensive series of impressive specifications. This camera far surpases the capabilitiews of the original Alexa camera to give you a superb overall image quality.While it is a complex piece of technology with a bit of a learning curve, the ARRI Alexa XT camera is great for professional videographers. The image and video quality sharpness will provide you with fantastic video productions that are sure to boost your portfolio and leave you and your clients thrilled.If you’re looking for a video production camera that’s loaded with great features and mind-blowing specs, this is a great option to rent from SoFlo Studio. If you want the ARRI Alexa XT for rental use, feel free to contact the studio for more information. -Currently unavailable, check out our ARRI Alexa Mini camera rental above.

The ARRI Amira Camera - Coming Soon

If the Alexa and Alexa Mini aren’t quite your style, you might prefer the ARRI Amira rental camera. This versatile piece of equipment features an attractive, ergonomic design that’s intended and well-suited for single-operator uses. It can also be used for extended shoulder-mounted operations.Like the Alexa and Alexa Mini, it features the same 35mm sensor and will record HD 1080 images that are suitable for all distribution formats. Combined with the excellent image quality is the affordable CFast 2.0 workflows.The camera produces natural colors and skin tones that will recreate scenes and make the viewers feel as though they were present in the moment. You’ll be able to record in up to 4K UHD with a dynamic range of up to 14+ stops.With sliding dovetails, this camera helps to perfect your shoulder balance and can be ready to shoot as soon as you pull it out of the bag. This makes it great for on-the-go shooting or documentary-style recordings.-Currently unavailable, check out our ARRI Alexa Mini video camera rental above.

The ARRI SXT Camera - Coming Soon

Another impressive ARRI camera that you might decide to use is the ARRI SXT rental camera. This camera is unique because it features wireless camera and lens controls that are built-in and come standard. The wireless controls also remove the need for a motor control box, which is fairly convenient.This camera is compatible with different ARRI controllers, including the WCU-4, as well as being compatible with cmotion hand units. It has several built-in tilt and roll sensors that are viewed similarly as an electronic horizon in the EVF.The ARRI Alexa SXT Plus has an improved image-processing system that has a few unique features. These include the ability to bake-in 3D LUTs during capture, a pixel correction function, and a mild noise-reduction feature. The ARRIRAW recordings are optimized for VFX and archives, with uncompressed data available.This camera is also wildly user-friendly. You can apply customized settings to each output and can use a variety of capture options, including XR and SXR. The ARRI lens data system, IFM-1 filter holder, shoulder mount, and 15mm LWS rod support are all built into the SXT Plus for added convenience.With our video camera equipment rental packages, you can also get additional lenses, like the ARRI Super Speed or the Hawk Anamorphic. You can also have added accessories with multiple filter options available, VOCAS/WC Spider Grip handlebars, or up to 25-inch SONY monitors with a stand. -Currently unavailable, check out our ARRI Alexa Mini camera rental above.

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