Miami Lens Rental

Miami Lens Rental

Looking to do a bit of your own photography, but don’t want to put down the steep upfront costs of having a selection of camera lenses? Get in touch with SoFlo Studio today. We offer a huge selection of cinema lens rentals in Miami, for every high end camera out there, from ARRI’s to RED’s and are the first choice for anyone looking to rent a lens in Fort Lauderdale. Unsure about what kind of film equipment rentals you need for your shoot?

We’ve got you covered – our friendly staff are able to answer any kind of question you might have about equipment rentals, like the ideal set of lenses to help you get the most out of your shoot. Consult below for further information on film equipment rentals, including affordable video camera lens rentals in Miami. View all Lens Rentals here!

DZO Film Lens Rental


The DZOFilm Pictor 20-55mm and 50-125mm lenses are commonly sought after, high-end professional camera lenses, and SoFlo stocks them so you don’t have to shell out for their high-end price. Both of these T2.8 Super35 Zoom lenses are the go to choice for serious photographers for their almost nonexistent breathing, round out-of-focus highlights, and ability to maintain focus on a subject even as you zoom in and out. View all Lens Rentals here!

Each of the lenses come with a PL mount and a Canon EF mount to ensure maximum compatibility – if you think your camera can’t use it, just ask! We’re always ready to answer any questions you might have about your next camera lens rental. Whether you need the lenses bundled or separate, SoFlo offers easy, affordable ways to get shooting with high-end lenses.

Each lens also features:
• Parfocal Design
• Easy Integration and Use With One Hand
• Pure, Vivid and Movie-like Texturing
• True, Natural Color

Canon Lens Rentals

canon lens rentals
miami lens rentals

As renowned for their photography lenses as they are for their videography lenses, Canon offers premium quality glass, and SoFlo Studios stocks a wide selection. If you’re looking to rent a lens in Fort Lauderdale, rent one from SoFlo: we’ll help you pick out exactly the kind of lens you need to help streamline your film equipment rental process. Consider the following lenses if you’re looking for cinema lens rentals in Miami and  Click here to view all Lens Rentals!

EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
Versatile and boasting a high zoom range, this popular lens is the perfect generalist lens, and works great at a variety of ranges.

EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM
Featuring a wide perspective that makes it ideal for film, this lens is especially helpful when shooting in low-light locations.

EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM
If you want the kind of zoom range you expect out of photo lenses, this is the perfect lens to reach for.

EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
Flexible zoom ranges, stabilized and designed for continuous tracking and focusing, this lens works best when you need to get handheld shots done painlessly.

EF 8-15mm f/4L USM
When you need crazy wide shots for that specific cinematic feel, this is the lens to go for, featuring an extremely wide fisheye.

All these lenses and more from the Canon lines are available, contact SoFlo today about a painless, affordable video camera lens rental in Miami!

Rokinon Lens Rentals

rokinon lens rentals
miami rokinon lense rentals

Are you looking to rent a lens in Fort Lauderdale? SoFlo is the place to go, featuring a huge selection of lens brands, including Rokinon. Take the headache out of your cinema lens rental in Miami, and let the staff at SoFlo help you pick out the lens you need for your upcoming project! View all Lens Rentals here! Some of the Rokinon lenses SoFlo stocks include:

Series II 14mm F2.8
With a unique long throw focus control, this lens makes following focus when recording video easier than ever.

Series II 85mm F1.4
Perfect for low-light environments, this lens delivers a fast maximum aperture and a precise, selective focus.

Zeiss Lens Rentals

zeiss lens rental miami
zeiss lens rental miami

Zeiss lenses come in twelve different families to help you perfectly select the lens you need for the job, and SoFlo can help you pick out exactly what lens or lenses you’ll need to bring your project to life in breathtaking detail. SoFlo stocks lenses for both large format video as well as Super 35. Ask one of our knowledgeable staff about Zeiss Supreme Prime Radiance lenses, Cinema Zooms, Compact Primes, or the Lightweight Zoom lens for more information. View all Lens Rentals here!

Cooke Anamorphic Lens Rentals

anamorhic lens rentals
anamorhic lense rentals miami

If you want the “Cooke Look”, you need Cooke lenses. Prized by modern filmmakers, SoFlo stocks is the easiest way to getting a Cooke cinema lens rental in Miami. View all Lens Rentals here! Featuring the distinct oval bokeh, Cooke anamorphic lenses come in a variety of sizes, including:

  • Anamorphic/i 32mm
  • Anamorphic/i 40mm
  • Anamorphic/i 50mm
  • Anamorphic/i 75mm
  • Anamorphic/i 100mm

Cooke anamorphic lenses are ideal for use with digital cameras and are highly sought after components in the film equipment rental world, so if you’ve been looking for a video camera lens rental in Miami that stocks Cooke lenses, or need to simply rent a lens in Fort Lauderdale, contact SoFlo today.

Nikon Lens Rentals

nikon lens rentals miami
nikon lense rentals

Nikon boasts a large selection of DSLR video lenses, and SoFlo is happy to let you know that we stock a huge variety of those lenses for your project’s needs! View all Lens Rentals here! Nikon film-focused lenses are split into two families by the company:

Compact, good in low-light and feature large apertures.

Versatile at a variety of focus distances and permit zoom without the legwork!

Zoom Lens Rentals - Angenieux, SIgma, Fujinon

angeniux lens rentals miami
angeniux lense rental

The number of lens manufacturers that exist is quite the list, so we at SoFlo have included some other popular and frequently used lenses below to help give you an idea of just how much choice you have when you choose to rent with us! The following manufacturers make outstanding zoom lenses, perfect for capturing action at almost any distance without having to swap your glass out every few shots. View all Lens Rentals here!

Offering up what they call the F2.8 Zoom Trio, this array of zoom lenses are a versatile set of lenses perfect for capturing video at just about any angle and distance without having to manage a huge kit of glass.

An industry juggernaut that carries the varied Optimo line, Angeniux zoom lenses are broken out into the anamorphic, spherical and special “Optimo style spherical” lines of glass, each featuring different use cases, strengths and zoom intensities.

Paring down the number of cinema-focused zoom lenses down to just two flexible, do-it-all lenses, Fujinon offers up the X series of lenses for cinematography uses: the MKX18-55mm T2.9 and the MKX 50-135mm T2.9, both designed to shoot video while minimizing focus shift and optical axis shift and preventing excessive lens breathing.

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