RED Camera Rental in Miami


red camera rental package miami
Red Gemini Base Package
  • RED Gemini Camera Body
  • Canon CN-E Primes - 14, 24, 50, 85mm & Canon 16-35 L
  • (3) 128gig mini-mag
  • EF or PL Mount
  • RED PRO 7" LCD
  • MiniMAG Reader
  • 5 Batteries and charger
  • RED Top handle
  • The Options Below Cost Extra $$
Lens Options
  • Cooke S4I Mini – 18, 25, 32, 50, 75, 100mm – +$300
  • Cooke Anamorphics 25, 65,100mm – +$700
Monitor Options
  • SmallHD 702 Bright-7inch w/ Directors Cage – $150
  • Atomos Sumo 19inch Monitor – $150
Glimbal Options
  • MoVi Pro w/TB 50 Upgrade or Ronin 2 – $250
  • ReadyRig GS w/ Pro arms or EasyRig Vario 5 – $250
Focus Options
  • Tilta Nucleus M Wireless FF – $150
Transmitter Options
  • Teradek 500 LT Transmitter/Receiver – $150
  • Additional Receiver (On Request) – $150
Camera Accessories
  • RED Side Handle
  • Shoulder Rig
  • Wooden Camera AC Power
  • Cartoni Tripod Head w/ Legs
  • Bright Tangerine Misfit Mattebox
  • .6, .9, 1.2 Schneider ND

If you are a videographer or a cinematographer in South Florida looking for RED camera rentals, you have come to the right place. RED camera rentals in Ft Lauderdale & Miami offers affordable rental packages for RED Cameras.

Whether your rental is for business or for pleasure, we have you covered. Our selection includes the full line of RED camera sensors and we have excellent rental packages available to suit any need. Video production equipment rentals do not need to be expensive or complicated, and our camera rental in South Florida ensures that it is not.

SoFLo Studios offers the best camera rental in Fort Lauderdale. We have the best selection of RED cameras, sensors, and rental packages in South Florida. You will find a huge selection of cameras here, and we are truly the best camera equipment rental in Miami. Our prices cannot be beat, and neither can the quality of the cameras we have available for rent.

No matter which Red configuration you are looking for, the Monstro, Helium, Gemini, or Dragon, we have it. We have the best rental packages and prices of any camera rental in Miami, and we know you satisfied with our products and packages. View All Camera Rentals.

RED Dragon Camera Rental

The Dragon is a step down from the Helium, offering 6k resolution in a Super35mm format. For cinematography, it is hard to beat the dragon. The 6k resolution offers stunning images and like all of the RED sensors it records at 60 frames per second for smooth motion. In fact, the Dragon sensor has gained a reputation as a workhorse in the industry, capable of meeting almost any videography or cinematography needs.

The Dragon sensor now has IPP2 to really deliver cinematic imagery when you film. You’ll be be blown away by the quality of the video you get from the Dragon sensor, and there is a good chance that you will not even notice the drop in resolution from 8k to 6k If you are used to higher resolution sensors.

Like the other sensors we have paired the Dragon with the DSMC2 body. That way you know you have a camera that can handle the data being fed to it by the sensor and you will not have cables lying around everywhere. The DSMC2 offers wireless peripheral capability for many of its most popular accessories, which helps keep your set clean and clear.

Our rental packages for the RED Dragon include everything you need for filming, and we can even add on other equipment to them to make the deal sweeter. If you do not see what you want on our website, just call us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. View All Camera Rentals.

Free Camera With All Cinema Robot Rentals

camera robot rental
camera rental package miami

SoFlo Studio now includes a FREE BlackMagic camera body with any booking of our Cinema Robot Rental. The Cinema Robot is able to be programmed to do anything the director can imagine and then re-do it over and over in perfect synchronicity with any other set pieces in the scene. Or it can be set up to respond to specific motion queues even, the range and flexibility this machine offers to content creators is unheard of in the film industry. Give us a call to find out more. View All Camera Rentals.

RED Gemini Camera Rental

The Gemini is the most sensitive sensor that RED has ever produced. It is ideal for low-light filming, but the trade-off is lower resolution. That said, it is not as if the lower resolution is a huge problem. While the Gemini cannot capture 8k video, it still easily records in 5k resolution even in low light.

Like the Helium, the Gemini records in the industry standard Super35mm format, making it an incredibly useful sensor. If you are filming lots of shadowy scenes or in a dimly lit studio, the Gemini is definitely the sensor of choice for you.  The Gemini sensor is specifically manufactured for low light settings such as sunsets, night time footage, and any other scene requiring low light. This sensor works flawlessly for these scenes in comparison to other cameras. While other video and cinema cameras would leave this type of footage looking grainy, the RED Gemini will have your low-light film appearing as if you were looking at your scene with your bare eyes!

SoFlo’s RED camera rental packages for the Gemini are the best in town. Our cheap rates include the sensor and body along with everything else that you need to get started. If you would like more details on our Gemini rentals, just call us and ask. We would be more than happy to assist you. View All Camera Rentals.

Custom Packages

In addition to the three packages offered above, we can also create a custom rental package for you. This is ideal for those who need to customize their rig, who need more than what our rental packages offer, or who simply need a different set up than what our rental packages offer. For example, you need to do a video shoot for a music video; so you just need a camera and lights. We can create the perfect package for your music video shoot!

With the best video camera rental in Fort Lauderdale you will be able to rent a RED camera with the sensor of your choice for any kind of video production. At SoFlo Studio, we have a full line of RED sensors, so contact us and get started today! View All Camera Rentals.

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