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    Rent Par Lights in Miami

    PAR lights are specialized lights that produce narrow directional beams. For decades PAR lights were pricey hallmarks of theaters and nightclubs, now they’re affordable and much more attainable. PAR light rentals in Miami and Fort Lauderdale have never been more straightforward. We’ve made the process for finding the right LED PAR lighting equipment super easy and offer a very wide assortment of PAR lights and LED wash lights. Our website is designed so intuitively that anyone seeking to rent LED PAR lights can do so with ease. We’re SoFlo studio, an experienced video and event production services company that specializes in audio visual equipment and PAR light rentals in Miami. Our highly skilled staff of event lighting technicians will gladly help you figure out which PAR light best suits your needs. We’ve got the right PAR lighting for whatever kind of event or production you’re having, whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

    SoFlo studio is the sensible choice for PAR light rentals in Miami. For rich deep colors that will wash the walls of your venue and set the mood for your events, we’ve got several RGB wash and wall wash capable lights. If there’s a strong chance rain might ruin your outdoor party or weddings, our weather resistant and waterproof PAR lights will keep the party lit. When space is limited and you need to be able to make lighting changes on the fly, our wireless DMX controllable lights serve you extremely well. For PAR lighting remote scenic locales, we offer super bright and long lasting battery powered lights. Whether you need affordable PAR light rentals in Miami or an experienced crew to light your events or productions, we can help you.

    What is a Par Light?

    A par light, also known as a parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) lamp, is a type of electric lamp that is widely used in commercial, residential, and transportation illumination. It produces a highly directional beam. Usage includes theatrical lighting, locomotive headlamps, aircraft landing lights, and residential and commercial recessed lights.

    Available Par Light Rentals in Miami - SoFlo Studio

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