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    Rent an LED Dance Floor For Your Event in Miami

    SoFlo Studio provides affordable LED dance floor rentals in Miami. We have several sizes perfect for any occasion. If you’re planning a party with music and entertainment, affordable LED dance floors are a must-have! Read more about LED Dance Floors here and view our available products below.

    What is an LED Dance Floor?

    An LED Dance Floor consists of floors that are typically constructed of solid sided square cells and tiled with a toughened glass, acrylic glass or Lexan top. The sides and bottoms are made reflective and the top diffuses the light to give an even colour. The floor can display different patterns and flash under computer control.

    LED Dance Floor Pricing

    A 12×10 LED Dance floor consists of 30 pieces, at $125 a piece, and is the minimum size we rent. If you would like to expand the size your dance floor, each additional piece is $125.

    Delivery / Setup / Strike is $500. We offer 1st day at full price, the 2nd day at 50% OFF, 3rd day at 25% OFF.

    Available LED Dance Floor Rentals in Miami - SoFlo Studio

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