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Courtroom Film Locations

Traditional Courtrooms $1500

These courtrooms are great for projects requiring a trial for a major crime.

  • This courtroom filming location is full of impressive details from beginning to end. You are sure to enjoy filming at this tall traditional courtroom building with charming architecture. The beauty of the outside of this courtroom film set is one of the best reasons this courtroom rental for video production in south Florida is such a great value. There are so many great spots to get a good shot!

    The interior of the courtroom rental for filming contains an excess of ornate details all throughout. Even the seats are luxurious and comfortable. It is an excellent choice if you want your scene to be visually striking, as this courtroom set makes a memorable impression. It’s a fantastic choice for a major trial for a film or TV show where the action mostly takes place in the courtroom. You’ll get amazing shots for your video production at this courtroom film set.

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  • This courtroom set has a unique, modern design with large windows and lots of natural light. Simple bench seating means that any action will be easy to shoot at this courtroom rental for filming in south Florida. Some other courtroom locations can feel cramped because of the awkward floor plan, but you won’t have that issue at this spacious location. It is a simple courtroom rental for video production, but with many benefits.

    This courtroom filming location near Fort Lauderdale contains beautiful features which amp up the atmosphere, such as the dark flooring and an elevated judge’s chair. Whether the verdict is in good favor or not, you’ll be able to easily portray the seriousness and inevitable tension. This courtroom film set is an excellent option for any civil case scene or anything in the legal process that is quick and simple. Contact us to learn more about how you can use this courtroom set or another courtroom rental for video production to make your vision a reality.

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Modern Courtrooms $2000

These courtrooms are great for minor crimes or civil cases.

  • This is a beautiful courtroom filming location in a more modern style. All of the furniture is simple, sleek, and clean. It is perfect for a no-fuss, no-frills trial scene. But it also has a serious and professional atmosphere. This courtroom rental for filming is great for civil disputes like traffic tickets or divorce court scenes for a video production. You can consider using these details in your film project or TV show.

    Filming any scene will be easy in this brightly lit courtroom film set near Miami, and we can help you make sure the final project is high quality and professional. Since the decor at this courtroom rental for video production is very simple, you’ll be able to choose exactly how you want to utilize the entire space. With a little creativity you’ll be able make your vision come to life in this contemporary courtroom set.

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  • You will immediately fall in love with this courtroom rental for filming. There is just the right amount of vintage details at this courtroom filming location that create a luxurious vibe. It’s perfect for a serious trial scene where tensions can run high. The lighting fixtures in particular are varied with many beautiful styles. It is a brightly lit courtroom film set where you will be able to shoot high quality video. It will create beautiful video for your film or TV show.

    It’s important to get the right vibe when you are choosing a courtroom rental for filming. We encourage you to contact us about renting this courtroom filming location or any courtroom set we have available. There are many great angles to film from and a lot of value to get out of this affordable court room rental for video production near Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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