Cold Spark Machine


Spark Fountain Special Effects Rentals & Cold Spark Machine Rentals In Miami For Weddings, Concerts and other Event Productions. Miami Beach approved Cold Spark Machine!

Package Price Includes:
– 2 Cold Spark Machines
– 2 50g (HC8200) Bags of Powder
   (each bag provides 3 minutes of run time)

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Our Cold Spark Machine is Miami Beach approved!

Package Price Includes:
– 2 Cold Spark Machines
– 2 50g (HC8200) Bags of Powder
   (each bag provides 3 minutes of run time)

Rent Cold Spark Machine, Cold Sparkler Non Flame Unit.
Special Effects For Weddings, Concert, Events & Parties.

This effect is an amazing no flame product that does not require a pyrotechnics license to use (Check with venue, as well as local and state authorities before renting).  Safe indoors and out. These spark units are ideal for all size parties.

Using a Cold Spark Machine to Create Spark Effects at Your Next Party

The Cold Spark Machine also referred to as the Cold Spark Fountain, is a great way to attract a crowd and keep them entertained with special effects for your upcoming events or weddings. They are safe and don’t emit a lot of smoke or odor. However, they aren’t for children and are most often rented out by experienced for hire companies professionally dealing with Fireworks Sparkler Machines.

If you are looking for a way to create beautiful spark effects at an event or concert, you should consider searching for a local rental company in Miami like Soflo Studio to secure a rental of your next Cold Spark Fountain or Cold Spark Machine. The Showven Sparkular, one of our popular machines, is able to create non-flammable, low-temperature sparks that can last up to 15 minutes. These machines are safe and easy to use.

Fireworks Sparkler Machine can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. They can be used for concerts, weddings, and other special occasions. Using these units will provide guests with an experience they won’t soon forget. Anyone looking for such a rental can run a near me search within the Miami area to see if one is available to rent or for hire. The machines are programmable to produce different effects. You can adjust the height, duration, and timings to make your display even more impressive with special effects at your upcoming events. In addition, you can also choose to create custom colors. Whether you are performing at a concert, a wedding, or a nightclub, you can bring out dramatic flair by using a cold spark machine. While the cold spark fountain itself looks sleek, it is just as extremely easy to set up. It is also completely self-cleaning. And with its smoke output being very minimal, you are sure to appease your guests at the events or concerts.

The best part about the Cold Spark Machine is that you don’t have to worry about burning furniture or setting fire to your favorite rug. It’s easy to rent, always available for rental and for hire and easy to set up, and even has a safety tip-over shutoff feature to keep your party guests safe.The aforementioned machine uses zirconium and titanium grains, a combination that produces an effect akin to a firecracker. While it’s not a fireball, it does provide a dazzling display for those who are lucky enough to get a good viewing. When searching for a fireworks sparkler machine “near me” for your events, be sure the rentals are local to your area as this will help reduce your overall cost.

The machine is designed to produce a single shot in a matter of seconds, and offers the ability to control the amount of sparks produced. Even better, there isn’t a need to reload the machine after each use. This is a big win for those who are looking to save time and money, since weddings and events are already costly enough. The Showven Sparkular machine is ideal for weddings with its special effects when the groom and bride enter the room, and other such shindigs. But, while it’s fun to have it around when you rent one using the “near me” search term, be sure to have a plan in place or ask us at Soflo Studio about any safety concerns. As they say, fun is fun, but safety first!

Some Popular Brands

  • Showven Sparkular Machine
  • ColorKey Dazzler FX Cold Spark Machine
  • ProX X-BLITZZFX X2 Blitzz FX Cold Spark Machine

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