Dry Ice Machine


Create low lying fog effects at your next event with this dry-ice machine. You’ll love the smoky and dramatic effect atmosphere plus it’ll surely enhance the lighting at any event or performance.

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The Dry Icer is a new and improved professional, cost effective solution for creating spectacular Low-Lying Fog Effects. This sleek new design has a 20 pound Dry Ice capacity which is placed in a stainless steel basket. Other new features are low water shut off Indicator, 4” hose adapter and heavy duty latches on the lid. The Low-Lying Fog output is controlled by lowering the stainless steel basket with the 3 step pivoting ratchet system. This will allow the basket to ease into the boiling water to create continuous Low-Lying Fog for approximately 5 minutes. (Ultratec Dry Icer Low-Lying Fog Machine)