Laboratory Room Set

A great virtual set perfect for any music video set in urban environments. We can drop the artist on the virtual set and they can even walk along the tracks, or anywhere really, the freedom virtual sets allow for means you can do much more with the assets than with props in the real world.

Laboratory Room Standing Set Rental - Film Production Studio in Miami, Fort Lauderdale

Laboratory Room Set

  • STANDING SET RENTALLaboratory Room Set
  • DESCRIPTIONOur laboratory film set can vary greatly depending on the genre, tone, and specific needs of the production. Laboratories are often depicted as large, well-lit spaces to accommodate bulky equipment and foster a sense of sterility. While organized, labs can appear cluttered with glassware, beakers, flasks, and various scientific equipment on lab benches and shelves.

SoFlo keeps a huge selection of available sets and associated props for any kind of video. Contact us for more information on the props that come along with our various standing sets and be amazed by our incredibly affordable rates and flexible rental packages. The studio is located in Sunrise, easily accesible from Miami, Fort Lauderdale and all South Florida areas.
Prices start at $500 for 5 hours. 3 Sets included.
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