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    Rigging Equipment For Rent in Miami

    Soflo Studio offers the best variety of rigging equipment in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida for all of your rigging and truss needs. We carry all of the top brands in the entertainment industry like Tomcat, Thomas, Generico, Pro X and more. Check out all the affordable rigging equipment options we have available and contact us for more information or to speak with our rigging equipment expert.

    What is Rigging Equipment?

    In Event Production, we use rigging equipment for Lighting, Sound Systems, Trusses, Stage Platforms and more. Rigging equipment refers to a diverse range of tools and hardware used to safely and securely lift, move, and control heavy objects. These objects can vary greatly in size and weight, ranging from a variety of lighting fixtures and sound & video equipment at events.

    Choose from the different sized truss we have available in our inventory. A truss is a framework of metal tubes or pipes that are joined together in a triangular pattern to create a strong and stable structure. Trusses are commonly used in the event industry to support lighting, sound equipment, video screens, and other production elements.

    Available Rigging Equipment Rentals in Miami - SoFlo Studio

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